Let's Get to Know, Alchemy Exteriors

Who is ready to get their home in tip-top-shape for the summer season! With the help of Alchemy Exteriors, you can ensure that your pool will be the go-to spot for your kids and all of their friends and your outdoor living areas will consistently be used all season long!

Elegant two-story white house with black shutters captured at dusk, showcasing a symmetric design with a central black front door flanked by topiaries, and a manicured lawn adorned with hydrangeas in line with The Scout Guide aesthetic.

Tell us the story of Alchemy Exteriors. How did it begin? Desiring to bring a more creative approach to both design and construction of the outdoor environment, my wife and I sat down and worked through the thought of starting my own business, and how my science background combined with artistic abilities would work in the construction world.  Alchemy, by definition, is a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination, and that is what differentiates us in the industry – a true artistic and scientific approach to the exterior world.

A two-story white colonial house with lit windows at dusk, featuring a geometrically designed garden path, well-manicured hedges, and a velvety green lawn showcased in The Scout Guide for elegant properties.

What is unique about your business? We don’t look at any project the same, we approach each client and project with a different context that appeals to the homeowner, rather than creating similar projects time and again due to the ease of the build.  We look at the project as a whole vision, rather than focusing on one specific part (i.e. the pool, the landscaping, the kitchen).  It is all a cohesive plan that creates a seamless construction process with a unique finish.

Lush green lawn leading up to a serene backyard with a rectangular in-ground pool beside an elegant white house adorned with large windows and subtle outdoor lighting, featuring a cozy covered patio area furnished with a dining set—a setting befitting The Scout Guide's emphasis on style and outdoor living.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Witnessing my past clients being able to finally enjoy and relax at their own homes, rather than having to fulfill that void by taking vacations.  We create lifestyles on the outside of the home, and there is nothing better than seeing families who are truly happy, throwing parties and events, and just spending time with their loved ones in a space that they allowed us to create.

A well-manicured lawn in front of an elegant two-story house with dark siding and large windows reflecting the sunset, the property stylishly fenced, embodying the polished living spaces often showcased by The Scout Guide.

What is the most challenging part of your job? Striving to bring a different approach and look to each job is always a challenge.  Finding unique materials and combinations of design elements for new and upcoming projects versus utilizing past materials that can feel overdone at some points.  Also just running a business in general, as many of you know, is a daunting task!  As a creative, there are a lot of parts of owning a business that I don’t enjoy doing, and it can really hinder my ability to clear my head and focus on the design and more artistic part of the business.

A spacious driveway with a basketball hoop is illuminated by the soft glow of dusk. A classic sports car is parked outside an open garage adjacent to a modern home displaying warm interior lights. Trees and a neatly fenced yard frame the serene suburban scene, exemplifying The Scout Guide's lifestyle.

What kinds of services and products do you offer? We are a full service design + build outdoor construction company.  An award-winning design firm, that takes your project from the paper into the ground, and all underneath one roof.  We design and build pools, landscapes, hardscapes, kitchens, pool houses, fire pits, and anything else you want to see in your backyard.  We focus on the masterplan rather than individual pieces of the project.

Elegant outdoor kitchen area featured in The Scout Guide, showcasing a built-in grill set against a black tile backsplash, flanked by white brick walls. Above is a sleek TV, and in front sits a stylish high-top table with a vibrant bouquet. Two striped lounge chairs with matching ottomans offer comfortable seating, complemented by a topiary in a classic urn, all set under a painted wood paneled ceiling with recessed lighting.

Do you have any tips or tricks that you can share with one that is looking to work with you? The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the best time to plan for a pool is today! It’s always a rush in the springtime with new clients and leads and most want to swim “the next summer”.  Keep in mind these projects can take anywhere from 4-8 months to complete, depending on the complexity and time of the year.