Have Your Heard About Haint Blue?

Let’s learn about a southern tradition; haint blue!

In many homes across the United States, especially throughout the cities of Charleston and Savannah, you may find porches with ceilings painted blue. This concept has both a “folklore” factor as well as an “aesthetic” factor behind the practice. While adding a visual element, these blue ceilings simultaneously have a little more meaning and history behind them than just design appeal.

In the beginning, this trick was adopted because the blue color was meant to ward off “haints” or evil spirits who might want to harm the house or the family inside.

Over time, it became less known for scaring ghosts away, but more known for keeping insects away. While not necessarily rooted in science, there are a few possible explanations for that theory. Older blue paints were often made with lye, which is a known insect repellent. Being that each household would apply a new coat every few years to keep the paint looking fresh, the repellent was unintentionally replenished every so often. Another theory is that the blue color mimics the color of the sky and tricks the insects into not making their nest there.

This tradition, and the old-school beliefs associated with it, have since turned from a preventative act to an intentional addition to one’s front porch for the sake of beautifully adding a feeling of serenity to porches.

The tradition has grown so popular that Spectrum Paint decided to create and dedicate a specific paint color to said trend! The color, Haint Blue (SP51), is a clean, light blue, perfect for southern porches and bright, airy spaces.

So, as you ponder how you plan to revamp your front porch this summer, consider adding a pop of blue to the space with the help of Spectrum Paint!