The Floral Arrangement Every Spring Table Needs!

Florals by Eastland Alley

This spring, we’re kicking our Easter table scapes up a notch with colorful blooms and blossoms, so we called in the local experts, Theresa Lambert and Kimmie Neal of Eastland Alley to help us style our Easter Brunch table. There’s nothing like a little touch of elegant color, and as local stylists and event designers Kimmie and Theresa are just the girls to teach us their ways!

Breanna Tyler Sneaks-FILM-0007.jpg

“Color!!! Our go to must haves for Spring are color and fun textures. This time of year, we love for our arrangements to have a festive flair – Spring, for us, is all about renewal and feeling rejuvenated. An easy way to bring that to fruition in florals is by using vibrant tones and fluid forms. We love to always have a healthy interplay between hard and soft elements. This balance adds layers of depth and interest to any piece. You can always forage for interesting elements to make your arrangement fun and different. We are huge fans of wooden pods, prickly pear pads, mesquite branching etc.” -Theresa


“To keep florals fresh, keep the water fresh and clean. Changing out the water to your arrangement is key! Our AZ heat can be brutal for delicate blooms if we are not mindful of placement, so as desert dwellers we totally recommend finding a nice cool spot for your arrangement.” -Kimmie


If you are in need of a gorgeous floral arrangement for your Easter Table, give Eastland Alley a call and don’t forget to tell them The Scout Guide sent you!