Feel Blue: Picking The Perfect Blue Paint Color

More than any other time of year, in the springtime we want our interiors to reflect the beauty and freshness of the outdoors. A relatively simple and lasting way to do this is by painting a room—or even simply the ceiling—in the perfect shade of blue. Cool, sophisticated, and wonderfully calming, the right blue hue can take a room to the next level with a subtlety that even the color-phobic can appreciate. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Glass Slipper (Benjamin Moore) is often used at the beach to emulate the ocean, but don’t hesitate to use it in a landlocked location—with its cool blue notes it’s as refreshing as a walk along the water.
  • Pale Powder (Farrow and Ball) is a soft, green-tinged selection that’s an excellent choice for a powder room or a children’s bedroom.
  • Palladian Blue (Benjamin Moore) & Farrow and Ball Cabbage White (Farrow and Ball) are particularly well suited for ceilings thanks to their brightness. In fact, Cabbage White, ranks among our favorite whites thanks to its pale blue tone, so we highly recommend investing in a few cans of this double-duty hue, while Palladian White’s subtle grey notes make it oh so soothing.

Expert tip from Christy Ford, co-founder of The Scout Guide and owner of And George in Charlottesville, VA. Thanks to Palette Paint for the color samples.