Creating An Eclectic Tablescape

We’re always searching for innovative tabletop ideas. Eager to find the perfect look for our next informal dinner party, we turned to Jane Scott Hodges’s book, Linens: For Every Room and Occasion, for inspiration, and the founder of Leontine Linens did not disappoint. Among the beautiful images of monogrammed pieces incorporated throughout homes, Hodges offers thoughtful and encouraging advice throughout her book, including the following tips on “contrasting uptown and downtown” to create an inventive yet inviting table. “The idea of mixing high and low can often send the decoratively timid running for their ‘white on white,” she writes. “But really it is not that hard to conjure the sophistication and energy that uptown/downtown scenarios create.” Here are the pairings that Hodges recommends for an eclectic tablescape:

  1. Rattan placemats with monogrammed napkins
  2. A batik tablecloth with white hemstitched napkins and your fine china
  3. Melamine plates on a crisp white tablecloth
  4. Mismatched linens, china, and silverware
  5. Seersucker napkins under cocktails in vintage glassware (Editor’s note: we’ll be using our favorite holiday cocktail napkins in place of seersucker for the next couple of months!)
  6. A unique rope or ribbon in place of napkin rings

Excerpt from the book LINENS, by: Jane Scott Hodges, available for purchase at or 800.876.4799