Summer Party Uniform

Summer is a decidedly social season, which means the party circuit is about to start heating up. For men (young or otherwise), these outings are ideal opportunities to have a little fun with their sartorial selections. We reached out to Wright Scott of Jackson, Mississippi’s acclaimed men’s store Great Scott for advice on how to put together a stylish summer look; here are his recommendations:

  1. Find the lightest coat or suit possible. Look for an unconstructed garment with a modern fit and no shoulder pads or canvassing in a lightweight material like cotton, linen, or tropical-weight wool.
  2. Pair your well-tailored coat with jeans or modern-fit pants in a complementary color. Don’t be afraid to go to a dinner party in a navy coat and nice denim, or a tan-and-white seersucker coat with well fitting chinos. This will keep you from looking frumpy and make the look more interesting (women can match, but men should blend).
  3. When selecting a shirt, again, keep the material light. You can’t go wrong with white linen or lightweight cotton.
  4. Aim to look well put together, but not like you tried too hard. Loosen your tie a little bit. Wear a navy blazer, white dress shirt, jeans, and a great accessory like a unique belt or a cool pocket square that’s folded just a bit imperfectly.

Expert tip from Great Scott in Jackson, MS.