A Statement-Making Powder Room

Powder rooms have so much potential. While small in scale, these spaces practically beg you to think big in terms of design. In search of inspiration for our next powder room project, we asked New Orleans-based designer Melissa Miles Rufty of MMR Interiors for recommendations on how to decorate the petite room. Here is her expert advice:

  • Powder rooms are like little jewel boxes for the house. Because they are small, you can be less retrained than you might be elsewhere. Consider incorporating rich colors, bold patterns, and textures that will leave an impression on your guests.
  • Use wallpaper or tile that you’ve always coveted but were too afraid to splurge on. A little goes a long way in a tiny space.
  • Use sconces on either side of a mirror. This will make the light more evenly distributed, which is far more flattering for lipstick touch-ups. I love customizing sconce shades in a coordinating fabric and trim for added effect.
  • Get creative and customize a sink base. Paint out sheet metal to resemble a chinoiserie tole, or convert an old altar.
  • Monogrammed linen hand towels are always a nice personal touch. I like to use different sets for different occasions.
  • Fresh flowers from the yard and scented candles are a must. These are easy touches that go a long way.
  • Remember, your guests spend more time in the powder room than you do, so make sure you really give them something to talk about…because they always do!

Expert tip from Melissa Miles Rufty of MMR Interiors in New Orleans, LA.