Finding the Perfect Fitting Shirt

Getting the fit of a men’s dress shirt right is no small feat. A number of important details can be the difference between a back-of-the-closet dud and a favorite dress shirt. In anticipation of a spring wardrobe refresh, we asked the experts at luxury menswear brand Ledbury, which has earned acclaim for their perfect-fitting, high quality shirts, to break down the basics behind finding the right fit. Here are their recommendations:

  • A shirt that fits properly will create a natural, flattering silhouette. We are particularly conscious of reducing fabric in the waist and torso of a shirt. A billowing shirt feels uncomfortable and looks sloppy.
  • Test a collar’s construction. Too many collars collapse as soon as you pair them with a sweater or a blazer, so be sure to invest in a collar that’s built to last.
  • When it comes to determining the ideal collar size, the general rule is that a collar, when buttoned, should allow room for two fingers. Following this guideline should result in a comfortable fit and polished appearance.
  • As offices move to more business casual settings where a tie is not required, pay attention to the position of the second button. If positioned too high, that button may feel constraining, while too low may look aggressive or inappropriate. The right shirt will offer you an ideal V at the neckline.
  • While fit is paramount, fabric quality is also an essential element. Shirting fabric is similar to sheet fabric in that a high yarn count yields a softer product.
  • Sleeve length should be determined by ensuring that the cuff ends where your wrist meets your hand. The best determination for sleeve length is personal preference, and you want to be certain the length will function whether the shirt is worn alone or with layers.
  • When shopping, don’t just try on a shirt, try it out. Tuck it in, pair it with a blazer, and move around to get a better feel for how you would live in the shirt.

Expert tip from Ledbury in Richmond, VA.