The Ideal Closet

A well thought out closet can help you preserve your pieces, put together items in new and innovative ways, trim the amount of time it takes you to get dressed, and enable you to make decisions about what to pitch or purchase each season. Here, TSG: Chicago editor Meredith Wood Prince shares her amazing space (featured above) and her thought process for creating the perfect closet:

  • Consider what your closet will have to withstand. We wrapped our shelves in waterproof pleather so they wouldn’t get dirty and could be easily cleaned, which is important during bad Chicago winters.
  • Different shelf heights is key. What you wear most should be at eye level. If you wear heels every day, make sure they are the easiest to get to. The same rule applies for bags.
  • Color coordinate. Putting purples with purples, nudes with nudes, etc., will let you quickly find – and compare – footwear. It will also make your closet look put together.
  • Even when in the proper place, certain items will make your closet appear disorganized, so plan accordingly. For example, don’t put shoes with lots of straps in a visible place. They always look messy.
  • Call a consignment shop once a season. This helps you to stay organized and frees up funds to buy the season’s must-have shoe or handbag.
  • Don’t over-edit. Know which items you will never part with. I will never get rid of my grandmother’s Judith Leiber handbags. They mean the world to me!

Expert tip from TSG: Chicago editor Meredith Wood Prince and photo courtesy of Katrina Wittkamp.