How to Shine Shoes

How to shine your shoes in 5 steps:

  1. Tuck the laces inside and behind the tongue of the shoe.
  2. Take your brush and do a quick sweep all over the shoe to get rid of any excess dirt that will be on the shoe itself, especially on the toe.
  3. Take your applicator brush and get a small amount of polish on it. Rub it all over the shoe in a circular motion into every part of the shoe that you can.
  4. Once the polish is dry, (wait at least a few minutes) take your brush out again, and in a really firm and fast motion get rid of all the excess dried polish all over the shoe. The sole, the heel, anywhere you can; being thorough is essential.
  5. Get out your “Buff Cloth” and rub it all over the shoe in a back and forth motion. The result is a shined, beautiful looking shoe. In addition to monthly at-home upkeep, Michael also suggests regularly visiting a shoeshine stand. The luxury of having someone tend to your shoes also has practical benefits: Because you’re seated in a chair, the pro can get better leverage over your shoes than you can when polishing them yourself. Plus, if you’re at a stand in Chicago’s loop, you just might find yourself in esteemed company.

Expert tip from The Trunk Club, in Chicago.