For our holiday gift giving this year, we’re embracing the ethos of Katrina Stoneking, the creative genius behind the luxury women’s “slow fashion” boutique Bitsy Stoneking. With every present, she seeks to make the recipient feel seen, feel thought of—and of course feel beautiful while wearing it. This stunning collection of 15 unique pieces, a collaboration with Amanda Perna of Project Runway fame, does just that. With each purchase, you’re not only making someone you care about sparkle; you’re also giving back. Stoneking donates 10 percent of each purchase to, a group that helps raise money for research into spontaneous coronary artery dissection, a rare but often dire heart condition with which Stoneking was recently diagnosed. Peruse this inspired collection to find just the thing for the women in your life—a gorgeous jewel-toned kaftan, colorfully ornate earrings, and much more.

Photography by Ian Jacob Photography. Bitsy Stoneking is featured in The Scout Guide Palm Beach. 15 Gifts That Will Make Her Shine sponsored by Bitsy Stoneking.