TSG Equestrian: An Introduction


Our love for all things equestrian is well documented. From Founder’s Notes on the beauty of equestrian style to scenes from classic fox hunts to a celebration of the arrival of the Year of the Horse to gift guides peppered with products that horse lovers will appreciate, our equine affection clearly runs deep. This should come as no surprise, given our commitment to celebrating artisans and craftsmanship (the equestrian world has both in spades) and our co-founder Susie Matheson’s lifelong love of riding. And now it is taking TSG in an exciting new direction: our first national guide, The Scout Guide Equestrian.


Equestrian life is filled with beauty in every way, from an exhilarating early-morning ride to the exquisite details evident in the attire and equipment (exhibit A: the Dubarry Birch Women’s Hacking Style Tweed Jacket; Tri-County Feeds, Fashions, Finds in Hunt Country, Virginia carries the line). Every stitch, every buckle, every element is incorporated with care and purpose. It is, quite simply, craftsmanship at its best.



Top: An image from Beverly Equestrian in The Plains, VA; above, left: Matheson’s daughter with her pony; above, right: a quote from The Scout Guide Equestrian blog.

The Scout Guide Equestrian has been a long time coming. Matheson grew up riding in her hometown of Omaha, was on the equestrian team in college, and has passed along her love of horses to the next generation, as evidenced by the above photograph of her daughter. Like the first volume of The Scout Guide Charlottesville, The Scout Guide Equestrian will be a labor of love and keepsake with one of Susie’s passions at its core. It will capture the spirit of the equestrian lifestyle and serve as both a place of discovery and a celebration of individuals and artisans whose work and wares are rooted in the equestrian tradition, just as our city guides do for our local treasures.

“Show me your horse and I will tell you who you are.”
—English Proverb


The Scout Guide Equestrian will be helmed by Molly Knott (shown above), founder and editor of the beloved equestrian-focused blog Dappled Grey. Knott, an avid equestrienne and tireless scout of all things horse-related, has written for Equestrian Quarterly and Horse & Style magazines. You can learn more about her here. “I am thrilled to welcome Molly, who shares my love for horses and passion for small businesses and artisans, to the TSG family,” Susie says.


Pen and ink drawing by Dennis J. Gormley

While we may be bidding farewell to the Year of the Horse in a couple of weeks, we look forward to celebrating the equestrian life for many years to come.