The Benefits of Facial Oil

Facial Oil

Once we commit to a beauty routine we tend to stick to it, but occasionally a beauty product catches our eye and demands further investigation. Lately, facial oils have piqued our curiosity thanks to promising benefits and intriguing ingredients, so we decided to get an expert’s take on the nourishing serums that can have a positive effect on many skin types. Here, Suzanne Owen, owner of Neroli Spa & Beauty Lounge in Charlottesville, Virginia, shares her insights into the pros of incorporating a facial oil into your daily beauty regimen.

Why to use it: “Facial oils are great for your skin,” says Owen, who carries Elemis face oils at Neroli. “The consistency is easily absorbed, and oils provide a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and hydration to your skin. Also, the intensity of an oil protects, repairs, and improves texture and tone, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.”

How to use it: A little goes a long way with face oil. Owen recommends applying a couple of drops before or in place of day and nighttime moisturizer. As with any product, use only as directed.

Common misconceptions: Many people think that oil will clog your pores and cause breakouts. That is true of an oil with a large molecule, such as mineral oil, which sits on top of the skin and can cause congestion. However, oils that have a smaller molecule can be easily absorbed and provide nourishment. It’s also widely believed that you need to dry out oily skin. In fact, oily skin usually dehydrated skin that’s lacking in moisture. Dry skin overproduces oil, causing further dehydration, congestion, and breakouts. Facial oil can put skin back in balance.

Finding the right product: To find the perfect face oil, ask your local expert for their recommendations, and pay attention to the ingredients. A consultation with your dermatologist is also always a good first step. For mature skin, Owen recommends Elemis’s Pro Definition Facial Oil. “We nicknamed it ‘facelift in a bottle,’” she says, explaining that thanks to plant stem cells, powerful extracts, and omega-rich oils of Evening Primrose and organic Barbary Fig that support the skin’s lipid barrier and lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration, the oil is a great choice for those seeking an age-defying product. “The face oil evens out the skin tone and leaves skin feeling regenerated and resilient, and fine lines appear reduced.” For an oil that delivers an all-over glow, Owen suggests Elemis’s Superfood Facial Oil, which she nicknamed a “Smoothie for your face.” The blend of highly concentrated plant-based superfoods that deeply nourish and hydrate features anti-oxidant and omega-rich broccoli, flax seed and daikon radish, which feed the skin and leave it looking healthy and radiant.

TSG Tip 217 from Suzanne Owen, owner of Neroli Spa & Beauty Lounge in Charlottesville, Virginia. Neroli is featured in The Scout Guide Charlottesville.