Summer Accessories: Go for the Gold

Whether you’re a minimalist or someone who takes a more-is-more approach to style (as the above image taken by Lucy Cuneo for Croghan’s Jewel Box so expertly demonstrates!), we can all appreciate the value of a good accessory. From sleek and modern bangles to whimsical, insect-inspired necklaces, a great piece of jewelry can take an ensemble to the next level with very little effort on the part of the wearer.

Natural Elements

Nature-infused elements are a wonderful way to always have a piece of the great outdoors close at hand. With delicate details and delightful embellishments, the above pieces elevate just about anything they touch. Clockwise from top left: 18k gold ring with diamonds and delicate leaf cut-outs available from Max’s; cognac diamond 18K rose gold sunburst wedding band from William Travis Jewelry; sakura hoop earrings from Suz Somersall; branch bangles available from Merzatta.

We are always looking for unique and textural pieces to add to our collection, and the examples above are essentially wearable pieces of art that will look lovely against a summer glow. Top left: 18k 18kt Gold Vine Cuff available from Elizabeth Bruns; right: Goldbug bib necklace available from Croghan’s Jewel Box; bottom left: Anemone dangle earrings available from Merzatta.

MODERN GeometricS

Geometric pieces are an easy way to add some edge to even the simplest of outfits. These fossilized Wooly mammoth and scrimshaw bangles (yes, you read that correctly) from Tayloe Piggott Jewelry offer an instant dose of boldness with their dramatic details and cool contours.

We love jewelry with a twist, so we find these modern yet delicate pieces to be oh so appealing. Top, left: 18k gold ring by Ana Cavalheiro available from Eloise; bottom, right: gem cage necklace from Elaine B Jewelrybottom, left: dagger studs available from Arco Avenue.

The Classics

For easy elegance, you simply cannot go wrong with the classics. Case in point: this wide French estate bracelet from Croghan’s Jewel Box that is a truly timeless treasure.

Must-haves for the well-dressed woman: left: solid brass chain from Mi Ossa; top, right: white sapphire and pearl stud beauties from Suz Somersall; middle, right: “Wallace pretzel” earrings from Tayloe Piggott Jewelry; bottom, right: Pierre & Harry’s freshwater “mabe” clip earrings.

No jewelry collection is complete without at least one great cuff. These simple yet stunning pieces dress up anything and when layered instantly create an elevated look. Above, left: gold cuff from Stick & Ball; above, right: Five strand hammered brass cuff available from Taylor & Tessier; bottom, left: “Rigate Cuff” available from Victoria Charles Jewelry; bottom, right: Large Corset Cuff available from Marissa Collections.

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