How to Have Great Street Style

Street Style Tip from Erica Hanks
Erica Hanks at New York Fashion Week photographed by Ariana Clare

While we love seeing the runway looks during fashion week, it’s the street style shots that we find ourselves dissecting down to the very last detail. Inspired by the chic outfits sported by the fashionable sets in New York, London, and Milan, we asked Charlotte, North Carolina-based wardrobe stylist Erica Hanks how to up our street style in a few easy steps. Here are her recommendations:

Mix high and low. “When I’m in NYC, I’m running to stores and showrooms morning-to-evening for client needs. I need to have a comfortable shoe that is also stylish, and for me, I love to mix my checkered Vans with my high-end pieces for my quirky personal style,” Hanks says. In the image above, she paired her Vans with a Roksanda skirt and Proenza Schouler bag, blending fashion and function to achieve maximum style impact.

Feel free to sneak out. As indicated in the photo and bullet point above, sneakers can be the key to street style cool, even (or especially) when the rest of your outfit is a bit dressier. “Fashion or street sneakers work really well with dresses and skirts. Try anything from affordable Vans or Converse to Golden Goose and Chanel kicks depending on your taste,” Hanks recommends.

Create continuity through color. While street style can be seen as a creative exercise, it’s nice to keep things somewhat streamlined. “To keep your look cool and chic, keep at least one color similar within your sneakers and outfit,” Hanks says. “For a little more fashion forward edge, try a fun color, print, or artistic detail to your sneakers.”

Add a fun finishing touch. Once you’ve created a foundation, add a little flair. “To keep this trend balanced, try tying a sweater around your waist for a casual look, or add a fun clutch or bag with colors similar to your kicks to compliment and finish off your outfit,” Hanks says.

TSG Tip 228 from wardrobe stylist Erica Hanks. Photograph by Ariana Clare. Erica Hanks is featured in The Scout Guide Charlotte. For more style inspiration, follow Erica Hanks on Instagram