Scouted Southern Makers You Should Know About

Preservation Co. in Huntsville, Alabama. Photography by Ashley Vaughn.

In a world in which items are increasingly mass-produced and factory-fabricated, it can feel particularly special to acquire unique pieces that have been made with creativity, ingenuity, and care. Recently, we asked our editors across the southern portion of the United States to share some of their favorite local makers and the handcrafted wares they’re selling. Here, they introduce beloved artisans specializing in everything from beautiful wood products to small-batch coffee.


BUSINESS: Preservation Co. (featured above)
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT THEY MAKE: Preservation Co. is an architectural salvage company. The owner, also a custom home builder, employs a team that makes furniture and other items out of the salvage as well as selling the items directly.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Jason and Christa Butler have created a unique and personal business that features a talented team of craftsmen, many of whom are in their own family,” says Dawn Pumpelly, editor of The Scout Guide Huntsville. “They are passionate about preservation, quality, and craftsmanship, all while contributing to our local community. My personal favorite is their bowling alley table.”

Photography by Ashley Vaughn.

BUSINESS: The Paper Petals Co.
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT THEY MAKE: The Paper Petals Co. is a handcrafted paper florist studio recognized as the original paper flower company to bring this distinctive art style to Alabama. Their focus is on teaching others how to create their own paper flowers through in-person classes and take-home craft kits. Beyond teaching, they also create unique bouquets for gifts and home decor.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Owner Thao makes beautiful flowers out of paper that look like real petals. They never need to be watered and look perfectly real,” says The Scout Guide Huntsville editor Dawn Pumpelly. “She can even make paper floral reproductions of real floral pieces, for instance, a bride’s bouquet to keep. Thao both creates and teaches her art, allowing the gift of creation to be shared. She is passionate, dedicated, and an inspirational maker.”

Photography courtesy of Piper and Leaf Tea Co.

BUSINESS: Piper and Leaf Tea Co.
LOCATION: Huntsville, Alabama
WHAT THEY MAKE: Piper and Leaf Tea Co. are a family-owned, family-operated, local tea company that creates gourmet blends that are simply divine to sip—iced on a steamy summer day or hot on a chilly winter evening. All of their teas are blended with as many local ingredients as possible, straight from the garden, farm, forest, and briar patch.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Piper and Leaf is a true family-owned, local hero story, starting out selling compost at farmers markets and evolving into a multifaceted business that makes the best teas that I’ve ever tasted, shared, and gifted. I am so proud of this family of makers,” says Dawn Pumpelly, editor of The Scout Guide Huntsville


Portrait photography by Fletcher And Co. Product photography courtesy of Remedes + Richewels.

BUSINESS: Remedes + Richewels
LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona
WHAT THEY MAKE: Remedes + Richewels makes handcrafted luxury self-care and wellness products using environmentally conscious practices from root to crown. They source the majority of their ingredients locally and are active in supporting the growth of their community.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Teryn, the founder and artisan of Remedes + Richewels, beautifully showcases the art of self-care products while utilizing quality ingredients that truly elevate sustainable luxury. R +R has become a part of my personal self-care and home,” says MaryAnn Wittmann, editor of The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona


Photography by Meredith Coe Photography.

BUSINESS: Poem Furniture
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Virginia
WHAT THEY MAKE: Custom wood furniture and kitchenwares.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:The artistry of owner Tate Pray’s pieces are unparalleled. You can see and feel how well made each piece is, from a small wooden spoon to a custom bed frame,” says Susie Matheson, co-editor of The Scout Guide Charlottesville


Photography by Anastasiia Photography.

BUSINESS: Willow Hill Soap Company
LOCATIONS: Canton and Hendersonville, North Carolina
WHAT THEY MAKE: Small-batch soaps, lotions, scrubs, oils, and candles.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Family-owned and -operated Willow Hill Soap Co. makes all-natural products and lovely hand-poured soy candles. Their whipped sugar scrubs are amazing,” says Meagan Harris, editor of The Scout Guide Asheville.


Photography by Lily Grace Photography.

BUSINESS: Sigrid Olsen, designer of Beach to Bistro
LOCATION: Siesta Key, Florida
WHAT THEY MAKE: Beautiful kaftans, scarves, tunics, and cover ups, all hand-stamped and made by hand.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:Beach to Bistro is perfect for my coastal lifestyle! Each island- inspired piece is handcrafted with beautiful tailored details. Designer Sigrid Olsen has a true gift for color,” says Nikki Logan Curran, editor of The Scout Guide Sarasota–Anna Maria Island to Boca Grande. “I love being able to dress the collection up for sunset dinner or just popping on a tunic for a day on the boat. Sigrid is truly an inspiration, from her clothing line to her yoga retreats, she’s taking ‘living your best life’ to a whole new level!” 


Photography by Paul Morse.

LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT THEY MAKE: Good Wood Nola has been designing and building many of the signature elements of the commercial and residential spaces of New Orleans since 2014, and they are loved for their ability to design, custom build, and install just about anything you can imagine. They recently launched a product line so more people can bring Good Wood into their homes.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Good Wood crafts each piece in their Mid City studio, and they source their wood, metal, and stone from other local businesses whenever possible. They have designed and custom built beautiful bars, furniture, and decorative elements for many New Orleans establishments, and you see their work throughout the city,” says Taylor Morgan, editor of The Scout Guide New Orleans. “The serving board is my favorite gift to give because it comes with a story. Not only is it beautiful and useful, but it was handcrafted in New Orleans using regional woods.”

Photography by Paul Morse.

BUSINESS: CR Coffee Shop
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT THEY MAKE: Coast Roast Coffee prides itself on getting coffee back to its simplest and freshest form. Their beans are roasted on antique coffee roasters with traditional roasting techniques. Owner Kevin Pedeaux has over 12 years of coffee blending and roasting experience. In addition to their consistent daily coffee blends, they introduce their customers to some single origin coffees that are grown and imported from all around the world. Their monthly coffee club is perfect for non-locals craving flavors of the Big Easy shipped right to their door.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “The thing I look forward to the most each day is my delicious cup of black, locally roasted coffee,” says Taylor Morgan, editor of The Scout Guide New Orleans. “I am out to convert all the Keurig lovers, so allow me to share all the tips and tricks CR Coffee has shared with me so you, too, can be a coffee connoisseur like a true New Orleanian.”


Photography by Meredith Mashburn.

BUSINESS: American Estates
LOCATION: Rogers, Arkansas
WHAT THEY MAKE: Furniture designed to inspire and built to last that’s both handmade and customizable.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS:We love that every piece of American Estate’s handmade furniture is made in America—right here in Northwest Arkansas—with premium materials and careful attention to detail,” says Jennifer Esty, editor of The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas. “With more than 100 proven design options, you can choose the look you love and pick your materials, finishes, and dimensions to perfectly fit your style and space.”