Scouted Organizers in the Southeast You Should Know About

Many people like to start the new year with a specific goal or set of resolutions in mind, and if getting your home organized is one of them, it might be time to call in a professional. For those inclined to get serious about their organizational projects, whether it’s finally making sense of your kitchen pantry, creating calm out of a chaotic children’s toys storage situation, or giving your whole home an overhaul, we asked The Scout Guide editors across the country to recommend their favorite organizational pros in the southeastern portion of the country, many of which will do virtual consultations. With their services, your home—and life—is about to be next-level orderly. Looking for a scouted organizer in your area? Find one in The Scout Guide Directory.

Photography by Sandra Fazzino.

ORGANIZER: Abundance Organizing
LOCATION: Charlottesville, Richmond, and Williamsburg, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: Abundance Organizing offers general organization services, but they specialize in move management, downsizing, senior moves, and simplifying home renovations. When life throws you a curve ball, Abundance Organizing can help restore order.  

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

ORGANIZER: Simple Spaces Organizing Co.
LOCATION: Naples, Florida
WHAT THEY DO: They provide whole home organization, as well as services for people new to Naples, such as stocking the home with housewares/essentials, including cookware, linens, appliances, etc.

Photography by Caitlin B Photography.

ORGANIZER: South Coast Organizers
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WHAT THEY DO: Sarah West, owner of South Coast Organizers, truly holds a passion for organizing her client’s homes with the mission to add joy and ease to their everyday lives. Her spirit shines through her in work!

Photography by Sarah Bell of Sélavie Photography.

ORGANIZER: Trazo Design
LOCATION: Memphis, Tennessee
WHAT THEY DO: Trazo Design are true experts in organization. Not only do they organize, but they pack and unpack, design closets, and other spaces to make their clients feel clear-minded and ready for anything.

Photography by Ben Finch.

ORGANIZER: Help You Dwell
LOCATION: Knoxville, Tennessee
WHAT THEY DO: Owner Taryn and her team bring a sense of calm and peace to the daunting task of organizing. They like to diagnose the problem and get to the heart of what works and what doesn’t work, creating a lasting solution to organizing your life.

Photography by Meredith Melody.

ORGANIZER: The Marshall Concept
LOCATION: Little Rock, Arkansas, and Knoxville, Tennessee
WHAT THEY DO: Owner Leslie is a whiz at creating beautiful, functional spaces—including pantry, closet, nursery, and more. The key to Leslie’s approach is that she makes organizing fun and keeps it fresh.  

Photography by Audrey Snow Owen.

ORGANIZER: Amanda Miller of Beyond the Closet
LOCATION: Naples, Florida
WHAT THEY DO: Amanda focuses on closet organization/fashion, helping clients not only organize their clothes, shoes, etc., but also teaching them how to edit and clear out their wardrobes to include only items that work for their lifestyles.

Photography by Tara Correa Photography.

ORGANIZER: Simplicity Created
LOCATION: Sarasota, Florida
WHAT THEY DO: The Simplicity Created team are professional organizers for residential and business spaces that aim to lead their clients to an organized lifestyle that will result in freedom from clutter and visual stress. They also specialize in organization assistance for moving and downsizing.

Photography courtesy of Holly Trepka of Neat Method Nashville.

ORGANIZER: Holly Trepka of Neat Method Nashville
LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee
WHAT THEY DO: Holly is a Tennessean through and through! She’s an expert at organizing any space, as well as managing your move or relocation. Her favorite areas to organize are kids spaces. Don’t forget to check out Neat Method’s gorgeous product line.

Photographby Lissa Gotwals.

ORGANIZER: Allison Finn of Reclaim Professional Organizing
LOCATION: Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: Reclaim Professional Organizing creates a beautifully organized home to fit your lifestyle. They not only make your home beautiful, but their work is realistic, making it easy to maintain. 

Photography by Caitlin B Photography.

ORGANIZER: Simple Living Concierge
LOCATION: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WHAT THEY DO: In addition to providing physical organization services, Simple Living helps their clients organize their lives. They do so through their concierge services which includes home organization, laundry, grocery shopping, and much more.

Photographby Sarah Noelle Photography.

ORGANIZER: Lauren Sadlon of Neat Method Northern Virginia
LOCATION: Alexandria, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: Lauren and her Neat Method team make it their mission to transform the most cluttered spots into an organized dream! Anything from closets to pantries, playrooms and garages, they’ve got you covered. They will even help you unpack from a move to make things less overwhelming.

Photography by Paul Morse.

ORGANIZER: Laney & Co.  
LOCATION: New Orleans, Louisiana
WHAT THEY DO: Laney & Co. specializes in helping you keep your life and home organized with professional organizing, household management, event planning, and personal concierge services. Owner Laney Robein has over 15 years of experience in being a full-service personal concierge. Life is simpler with their help and no task is too little or too big for Laney & Co. 

Photography courtesy of Liz Kilberg of Neat Method Richmond.

ORGANIZER: Liz Kilberg of Neat Method Richmond
LOCATION: Richmond, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: Following the Neat Method’s fastidious protocols, Liz Kilberg is fabulous to work with. She sells the products she uses, making it extra easy to get organized.

Photography by Liz Grogan.

ORGANIZER: Tartan Professional Organizing
LOCATION: Winston Salem, North Carolina
WHAT THEY DO: Owners Natalie and Danielle are a dynamic duo and excellent at what they do. They aim to not only organize your life, but to simplify it, with tips on easy projects such as cleaning out your wallet regularly to whole home organization.

Photography by Zoë Grant.

ORGANIZER: Alayna Hermans of Neat Method Virginia Beach
LOCATION: Virginia Beach, Virginia
WHAT THEY DO: Neat Method Virginia Beach specializes in organizing, unpacking, and downsizing luxury homes and offices across Virginia Beach. They make the space you have functional for the life you live.