Scouted Distilleries You Should Know About

One of life’s greatest pleasures is enjoying fine spirits, whether at the end of a long day or when gathering with friends. That experience is amplified when you get to know the process—and the people behind it—from spirit to bottle, upon visiting a distillery. For those looking to enrich their enjoyment of all manner of distilled drinks, we asked The Scout Guide editors to recommend their favorite distilleries, each with a unique product and tasting room. To find a scouted distillery near you, visit the The Scout Guide Directory.

Photography courtesy of The Still House at Gervasi Vineyard.

DISTILLERY: The Still House at Gervasi Vineyard
LOCATION: Caton, Ohio
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Gervasi features unique spirits such as wine barrel-finished bourbon, rosé vodka, and blood orange gin. These flavor-infused spirits are carefully crafted to enjoy neat or as signature ingredients in creative cocktails. The cocktail list ranges from the tried-and-true classics of the prohibition era all the way to the cutting-edge flavor combinations and flair techniques of today’s mixologists.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I love enjoying the beautiful ambiance and creative cocktails at the Still House when I visit Gervasi. The selection of board games to play with friends and live music encourages you to relax, laugh, and graze for hours on end,” says Erin Leslie, editor of The Scout Guide Cleveland and Akron. “If you are not wanting a cocktail, they also have their signature Gervasi Coffee.”

Photography courtesy of Western Reserve Distillers.

DISTILLERY: Western Reserve Distilleries
LOCATION: Cleveland, Ohio
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Western Reserve Distilleries is a family owned and operated organic craft distillery founded in 2014 that works with local farmers to source grain and create sustainable spirits. The ambiance in their distillery and restaurant is a one-of-a-kind experience.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “I love the unique drinks WRD crafts, especially the Devil’s Margarita—lime, agave syrup, red wine with their Agave Reposado,” says Erin Leslie, editor of The Scout Guide Cleveland and Akron. “Their farm-to-table food, superior cocktails, warm environment, and commitment to sustainability make it a must-visit in Cleveland!”

Photography by Joan Fisher.

DISTILLERY: StilL630 Distillery
LOCATION: Saint Louis, Missouri
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: The St and the L in “StilL” represent and reinforce the distilleries pride in their hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. The 630 stands for 630′ tall, which is both the height and the width of the St. Louis Arch. The distillers use as many of the best organic, local ingredients as possible. They believe in pushing conventional boundaries and are constantly experimenting with unique distillation processes.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “StilL 630 is the best of local bourbon with a true connection to the city. With bourbons made in house and next door to The Arch, their presence in Saint Louis brings award-winning bourbon home,” shares Lisa Litvag and Angela Sandler, editors of The Scout Guide Saint Louis.

Photography by Sash Levitov.

DISTILLERY: The Block Distilling Co.
LOCATION: Denver, Colorado
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Great spirits are made from great grain, and great grain is made from great dirt. The Block Distilling Co. works directly with a farming family in Missouri to pick everything from the grain varieties and farming style to the cover crop. That means they choose what goes into their spirits from the first seed of grain. Those ingredients and the practices used to grow and harvest them before arriving at the distillery are integral in the flavors of the spirits that fill their bottles.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “They say they do it the hard way. I say their passion of ensuring the entire process is done in house, from start to finish, is inspiring,” says Leigh Gordon, editor of The Scout Guide Denver.

Photography courtesy of Marfa Spirit.

DISTILLERY: Marfa Spirit
LOCATION: Marfa, Texas
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Marfa Sprit was started during the pandemic by notable Houston chef Seth Siegel-Gardner. He moved his family to Marfa and put his culinary know-how behind distilled spirits. Marfa Spirit is a must-visit in Marfa. The drinks are fantastic and the food is some of the best the region has to offer.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Marfa Spirit must be added to the itinerary of anyone headed to far West Texas. My favorite way to spend a Saturday in Marfa is camping out at the distillery, sipping on their sotol, chatting with locals or travelers, and enjoying whatever out-of-this world food they are serving that day,” says Claire Ramirez, editor of The Scout Guide West Texas. “Top favorites are either their smashburgers or king-sized breakfast burritos.”

Photography courtesy of Company Distilling.

DISTILLERY: Company Distillery
LOCATION: Townsend, Tennessee
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Company Distilling, a partnership helmed by master distiller Jeff Arnett, wanted to create something to “gather over.” Their unique maple finish and other distinct flavors come from the native hardwoods of Tennessee. Recently opened, their Townsend distillery along The Little River, is the ideal spot to gather and experience the “peaceful side of the Smokies.”
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Company is my first choice when it comes to pouring a sipper,” says Frances King, editor of The Scout Guide Knoxville. “It’s a great price point with an even better finish.”

Photography courtesy of Brushy Mountain.

DISTILLERY: Brushy Mountain
LOCATION: Petros, Tennessee
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Brushy Mountain Distillery, named for and created in a former state penitentiary, uses fresh grains from local farmers and fresh water from surrounding mountain springs to conjure some of the state’s finest spirits.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Brushy Mountain Distillery, just 40 miles up the road in Petros, is the world’s first ‘legal’ distillery on prison grounds and makes for a unique tasting and touring experience,” shares Frances King, editor of The Scout Guide Knoxville. “Their double-barrel whiskey, aged six years in Caribbean rum barrels, is smooth with hints of caramel and butterscotch, a great spirit to share with friends.”

Photography by Brooke Casillas Welgos.

DISTILLERY: Woody Creek Distillers
LOCATION: Basalt, Colorado
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Woody Creek Distillers grows and harvests many of their own ingredients, like the Rio Grande potatoes for their premium vodka. All their spirits are created in their distillery in Basalt with a tasting room for sampling.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Woody Creek Distillers is a local favorite, not only for their delicious spirits and cocktails, but for their community involvement in the Roaring Fork Valley,” says Amy Groom and Erin Forsey, editors of The Scout Guide Aspen.

Photography courtesy of Happenstance Whiskey.

DISTILLERY: Happenstance Whiskey
LOCATION: Nashville, Tennessee
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Happenstance Whiskey is the only female-owned and operated whiskey company in Nashville.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “We love the bold flavor and aroma of Happenstance, with hints of vanilla and oak. The fact that it’s completely female-owned, and delicious, makes it our favorite whiskey to sip,” says Ann Whitten Reynaud, assistant editor of The Scout Guide Nashville.

Photography by Sélavie Photography.

DISTILLERY: Old Dominick Distillery
LOCATION: Memphis, Tennessee
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Although the distillery is relatively new, Old Dominick whiskey and toddy dates back to the 1800s. In 2013, when an unopened bottle of the toddy was discovered by the founders great great grandkids, the distillery was planned to open and produce Tennessee whiskey. The Distillery offers a full bar, a wonderful rooftop scene, and an informative distillery tour. It’s a wonderful asset to the Memphis community, bringing tourists and whiskey lovers to the heart of Downtown Memphis.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Old Dominick is a unique part of Memphis, has an interesting history, and is a spot I like to show off to visitors,” says Stephanie Stephens, editor of The Scout Guide Memphis. “I love the homey vibe of the bar, as well as the wonderful event space, which I have used for a launch party in the past. The people behind the distillery, including the master distiller Alex Castle, care about our community, as well as making Memphis a destination for travelers, which I fully support!”

Photography courtesy of Copper Fox Distillery.

DISTILLERY: Copper Fox Distillery
LOCATION: Williamsburg, Virginia
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Copper Fox makes great American spirits by combining inspired innovation and venerable tradition. Everything is hand-crafted with original ideas and locally-sourced ingredients.
WHAT OUR EDITOR SAYS: “Copper Fox’s Williamsburg facility is in the Edge District, a foodie destination, located on the edge of the historic triangle,” explains Sara Harris, editor of The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay. “It’s so incredible to enjoy world-class whiskies that are made local, right here in Williamsburg!”