Scouted Breweries You Should Know About

Whether you prefer a lager or an ale, something fruity or hoppy, the options for artisanal brews are endless. We’ve scouted eight must-visit taprooms that showcase spot-on craft suds, served with a side of local flavor. Let’s raise a glass as we take a tour of some tasty taps around the country. To find a Scouted brewery near you, visit The Scout Guide Directory.

Photography courtesy of Cisco Brewers.

BREWERY: Cisco Brewers
LOCATION: Nantucket, Massachusetts
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Cisco is a quintessential Nantucket experience. With live music, food trucks, plenty of brews to try, and a casual, laid back vibe, this brewery is a must- visit when on the island. ‘If you want to drink something other than beer, be sure to check out their award-winning The Notch Single Malt Whisky.

Photography by Amber Tice.

BREWERY: Hop & Sting Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Grapevine, Texas
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Hop & Sting brews high-quality, award-winning, small- batch beers in a convivial environment. If you’re into drinking for a cause, their special “charity beers” raise money for worthy local organizations.

Photography courtesy of Bike Rack Brewing Co.

BREWERY: Bike Rack Brewery
LOCATION: Bentonville, Arkansas
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Located in Bentonville’s 8th Street Market, this small, intimate brewery is the perfect place to hang out with friends after a bike ride on the Northwest Arkansas Trails. Their prime location also puts you close to an array of restaurants and food trucks. Don’t miss their great “Live on the Patio” series! Click here to learn more about other stellar breweries in Northwest Arkansas.

Photography by Sara Harris.

BREWERY: Gloucester Brewing Company
LOCATION: Gloucester, Virginia
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: More than just a local brewery, Gloucester Brewing Company is a hidden gem that offers an extraordinary blend of delicious beers, wonderful hospitality, and a sense of community that sets it apart from the rest. Located on Gloucester’s charming Main Street, which is chalk-full of small, locally owned shops and restaurants, and incredible works of art sponsored by the Cook Foundation.

Photography by Peter Lobozzo.

BREWERY: StillWest Brewery
LOCATION: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: A favorite, local watering hole for locals and visitors alike. StillWest boasts plenty of tasty beers and an awesome deck overlooking Snow King Resort—a winning combination.

Photography by Stevye Murray.

BREWERY: Big Beach Brewing
LOCATION: Gulf Shores, Alabama
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Entirely family owned,  Big Beach Brewing is set apart from the rest by their innovative spirit. They are not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with different brewing techniques and flavor combinations, this adventurous spirit leads to exciting and unexpected brews that tantalize the taste buds and keep customers coming back for more. Big Beach Brewing embraces the vibrant culture of the Gulf Coast, which is reflected in everything from the names of their brews to the artwork on their cans.

Photography by Mary Fehr.

BREWERY: Cahaba Brewing Co.
LOCATION: Birmingham, Alabama
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Whether you want a classic, refreshing brew or something more adventurous, Cahaba has it all. Their large brewery is worth a visit (or two) to catch some of their taproom-only releases.

Photography by Amanda Brisco.

BREWERY: Dented Keg Brewing Company
LOCATION: Mars and Clearfield, Pennsylvania
WHAT MAKES THEM SPECIAL: Dented Keg is not only known for their beers, but their delicious food, fun events, and funky graffiti walls. Join their exclusive “Mug Crew” for membership perks, perfect for beer lovers.

Cisco Brewers appears in The Scout Guide Nantucket. Hop & Sting Brewing Co. appears in The Scout Guide Southlake & Grapevine. Bike Rack Brewery appears in The Scout Guide Northwest Arkansas. Gloucester Brewing Company appears in The Scout Guide Williamsburg & The Chesapeake Bay. StillWest Brewery appears in The Scout Guide Jackson Hole. Big Beach Brewing appears in The Scout Guide Gulf Coast. Cahaba Brewing Co.  appears in The Scout Guide Birmingham. Dented Keg Brewing Company appears in The Scout Guide Pittsburgh.