Say Hello to Yellow

No color can elevate our moods quite like yellow, yet it is one of the most difficult colors to work with. To help us determine which hues on the spectrum will best suit our spaces, we sought out advice from the experts at Washington, D.C.’s BOSSY COLOR. Yellow happens to be principal designer Annie Elliott’s favorite color, and one she finds to be very rewarding to incorporate, so we knew we were seeking answers from the right source. Here are her recommendations for yellow paint colors, which range from warm creams to glorious golds:

SUNRAYS (343) BY BENJAMIN MOORE. An exciting, vibrant yellow that’s not for the faint of heart. Try it in your: Living room, if you dare (I did! You can see it above).

BABOUCHE (223) BY FARROW & BALL. A color that invokes India, this exotic, golden yellow is full and warm. Try it in your: Dining room.

WINDHAM CREAM (HC-6) BY BENJAMIN MOORE. This cheerful, good-natured yellow goes with anything. True to its name, it changes from yellow to cream depending on the light. Try it in your: Foyer and stair hall.

PALE HOUND BY FARROW & BALL. A thoughtful, grayed yellow that I find quite complex. Try it in your: Kitchen.

IVORY TUSK (2153-70) BY BENJAMIN MOORE. My go-to yellow for any space that needs subtle brightening. Think of it as a versatile off-white. Try it in your: Lower level family room or a guest bedroom.

The yellow I’m dying to try: YELLOWCAKE (279) BY FARROW & BALL. Zingy and almost chartreuse, this eye-searing yellow could be amazing in a tiny space like a vestibule or butler’s pantry. I’d love to try it on an accent wall in a child’s room, with Benjamin Moore’s SUPER WHITE on the other walls and a black-and-white striped rug. The child may never go to sleep, but she’d sure have fun!

Expert tip from Annie Elliott of BOSSY COLOR in Washington, D.C.