Cozy Up: February Hotspots for Date Nights and Friends Nights Out to Beat the Winter Chills

With the February chill hitting the Saint Louis streets, a date night out is the perfect cure to beating these classic midwestern winters. The Scout Guide of Saint Louis team has put together a collection of date night ideas that can make every February night feel like Valentine’s Day whether it’s with your significant other or gal pals. 

Idol Wolf

Located inside the artsy 21c Museum Hotel, the Idol Wolf is the perfect backdrop for a date night with the beautiful artwork around the building, delicious Spanish-inspired cuisine, and a wide variety of cocktails. 


18Rails, Owned operated by Butler’s Pantry and located inside the City Foundry, is hosting their “Love Struck” pop-up bar. Love Struck is perfect for your beau or bestie. The pop-up bar features a fun lineup of themed drinks that could have been crafted by Cupid himself, appetizers, and a fortune teller for those who seek potential answers for love. Love Struck will run from February 9th-until February 17th. Tickets can be purchased here.


This underground hideaway located next door to The Cheshire, contains a wide variety of delicious menu options, a full bar, and is the perfect getaway to hide from the Saint Louis chills with their huge fireplace. 


Edera will make you feel like you have been transported to Tuscany, instead of being 5,000 miles away. Catered with a full Italian-inspired menu, Edera is a haven for romance, good conversations, and a pasta lover’s dream come true. 

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar 

Add a sweet stop after a long evening with a martini, chocolate or both. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar is a one-of-a-kind Saint Louis cocktail staple. With a wide selection of signature cocktails inspired by classic desserts, Bailey’s Chocolate Bar is a sweet escape. 

Cleaver and Cocktail

Cleaver and Cocktail is a culinary haven located in Town & Country. Known for their dry-aged steaks and cocktail menu, Cleaver and Cocktail also offers a beautiful view of their on-site lake and their rustic-chic barn setting. 


Cyranros is a downtown Webster Groves gem that sets the stage for a great midweek date night or a happy hour with your group of friends. It’s hard to beat while enjoying some cocktails and their award-winning desserts.

Sidney Street Cafe 

In the heart of Benton Park, Sidney Street Cafe is an urban culinary destination that offers a menu that celebrates diverse flavors from their New American cuisine. The perfect date night at Sidney Street Cafe can be accommodated by the historic charm of their exposed brick walls and vintage bar.