If the Shoe Fits, Shelf It: An Expert's Guide to Shoe Organization and Style.

Closet shoe organization by St. Louis Closet Company
Closet by St. Louis Closet Company

 In the midst of a daily life that keeps you busy, sometimes taking the time to organize your collection of shoes seems like a daunting task one would want to do. We asked Jennifer Williams from St. Louis Closet Company to give us her insight for when it comes to organizing your collection of footwear. Stay tuned for her top 5 tips at the end! 

Carrie Bradshaw is not the only one who needs more room for Shoes! With a little help from Saint Louis Closet Co., you can have a dream closet too. We all know that when it comes to shoes, more is always better. But where do you put all those fabulous pairs? Carrie Bradshaw famously turned her oven into a shoe closet, but we’ve got a better solution: Saint Louis Closet Co.! With the addition of adjustable shelves and slanted shoe shelves, you’ll have plenty of room for your growing collection. And don’t worry about your beloved purses getting lost in the shuffle – opt for lucite purse dividers, adjustable purse shelves, and chrome purse hooks to keep everything in its place. Trust us, your shoe game (and closet organization) will be on point.

Whether you’re a stilettos kind of gal or thanking the shoe gods that the British Vogue 2023 style guide says ballet flats “are the gift that keeps on giving this season,” you need an organized place to store your shoes. Whether it’s in your closet, your mudroom, or your entry closet adjustable shelving will give you the practical flexibility needed to change styles through the years. But if you’re going for more of a Chanel boutique look, slanted shoe shelves are the key. Either way, whichever style you dip your toe(s) into, organization is key.

Start by organizing your shoe and purse collections by type and then by color.; this allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for and to see all options easily. If you have room, you may want to separate your everyday shoes from your dressy shoes, your athletic shoes from your sandals, etc. Make sure to take your shoes out of the boxes so you can see them. Once you’ve sorted your shoes and purses, put them on adjustable shelving by height so you’re utilizing every inch in your closet. Drawers are a great way to store strappy sandals and slippers, lucite shelf dividers are great for standing small purses on end, and purse hooks are great for storing cross-body bags.

Winter 2024 Boot Style Prediction from Jennifer Q Williams, owner Saint Louis Closet Co.

Buckled-up Black Boots, envision combat meets punk…grab a copy of the new Scout Guide St. Louis to see what she’s talking about!

St. Louis Closet Company owned by Jennifer Williams.  Image by The Scout Guide Saint Louis.

2024 “Must-Have Shoes” from Annie Heyward, Wardrobe Stylist and Owner of Annie Heyward Styling

ON POINT: The ballet shoe has gotten a major upgrade for fall with its elongated and razor-sharp point – as evidenced by footwear seen on the catwalks at both Bottega Veneta and Prada’s fall 2023 shows – look for kitten heel, slingback variations as well! WEDGED IN: The wedge made a comeback for summer 2023, but Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chloe fall runway collections were replete with these pragmatic pavement stompers, signaling this trend is here to stay through autumn. Keep your eye out for sculptural styles, flatforms and the triumphant return of the wedge boot!

The STL Working Woman Must-Haves from Claire Flowers, owner Claire Flowers Shoes

Pumps, Wedges, and Mules that are comfortable, stylish, and durable enough to handle the wear and tear a professional woman puts on her footwear.

Tips for organizing your Shoes; Provided by Jennifer Williams 

  1. The typical woman has 45-60 pairs of shoes, the typical man has 12-15 pairs of shoes. When designing your closets take these counts into consideration.
  2. While slanted shoe shelves will display your shoes like a boutique, they are not usually adjustable and can take up much needed space in your closet. Always opt for adjustable, floor-based shelves if space is a premium.
  1. Organize your shoes by height to maximize space – keep all flats, heels, boots together so you can take advantage of the heights.
  2. Take all shoes out of boxes – you won’t wear what you cannot see.
  3. Always practice the one-in and one-out rule, this will keep your shoe collection to a manageable amount of shoes.

If you are looking to step out of the clutter this month, schedule a consultation with St. Louis Closet Company and elevate your organization game.