A Highlight on our Health and Wellness Experts in our Saint Louis Community

January is a great time to set new goals, embrace changes, and dive into the world of health and wellness. We created a scouted guide of our local health and wellness experts in Saint Louis. Whether you’re looking to improve your mental or physical health, our experts have got your back.


moshn shoes revolutionize the standard pair by having a design that is committed to supporting one’s daily tasks with providing stability in the heels and an enhanced toe spring.

Boom Pilates

A class a Boom Pilates is not just a workout, but an uplifting experience. Boom Pilates aims to help all clients maintain a healthy core, work out their muscles, and leave their classes feeling energetic and empowered.

West County Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Marissa Tenenbaum offers a wide array of services from surgical to non-surgical procedures. For any chapter or changes in any patients’ life, Dr. Tenenbaum is an supporting expert from beginning to end of a health journey.


Evora combines all of the important needs for women in one practice. From self-care to medical care.

Clayton Wellness Center

Using a holistic based approach, Clayton Wellness Center is determined to help meet a patient’s needs from acupuncture therapy, mental health counseling, to chiropractic care.

Lesko Health

Focused on creating a healthy outlook on life and nutrition, Dr. Allison Lesko RD. LD, helps all clients reach their goals, educate on all nutrition, and help others create create a balanced lifestyle.

Performance Lab

With private classes tailored to your goals, Performance Lab helps all clients work their way to what they want to accomplish from start to finish.