Pucker Up


It’s officially raspberry season, and we are craving the berry’s refreshingly distinct flavor as well as its brilliant hue. In terms of color, our interpretation of raspberry seems to fall somewhere between hot pink and magenta—a bright, deep red and almost-purple that somehow reflects the taste of the berry itself: bright, sweet, a bit tart, and undeniably, well, berry. This complex flavor seems to invite experimentation. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the raspberry of the fashion and design world tends to make a statement, as proven in the above assortment.

{Shop the Collage: Bag: SHOES ON KING and CoatTails; Dress: LIV LA VIE; Painting (top right): “Violet Marvel” by MALLORY PAGE }

We love this sublime shot from PETER FRANK EDWARDS, whose expertise in travel, food, and portrait photography always perfectly captures the flavor of his subjects. While no berries exist in the composition, you can’t help but think of the hue. For additional eye candy, be sure to peruse the TSG: Charleston, Vol. 3 photographer’s stunning portfolio.

MA ALLEN INTERIORS’ bold wallpaper choice shows that a washroom should never be boring. (In fact, we are on the record for saying that pink was practically invented for powder rooms.) Right, photographer Sara Essex Bradley captures a raspberry wallpaper-adorned room that is the very picture of perfectly executed pink.

Photographer RUS ANSON brings us this beautiful shot in which raspberry-colored flowers meet their fashion counterparts, demonstrating how the hue packs a punch in nature or sportswear.

PAIGE NEWTON PHOTOGRAPHY’S innovative editorial work is somewhere between installation art, performance piece, fashion advertisement, and portraiture. We love this abstract shot which utilizes projection. (We could all use a berry tint every once in a while, right?)

This striking piece by Andy Dixon was recently featured at the WALLY WORKMAN GALLERY. We love his composition of haute subject matter and abstract execution.

Greensboro-based RANDY MCMANUS DESIGNS‘ opulent bouquet featuring roses and orchids is filled with beautiful, berry-kissed hues. Turquoise and raspberry make a surprisingly gorgeous pair, as is evident in the image captured by PEZZ PHOTO (bottom, right), and demonstrated in SARAH BOHL DESIGN‘s classic event invite in a not-so-classic color scheme.

We love the subtler iterations of raspberry-infused decor as well, which are less saturated but nonetheless joyful. The quiet corner, photographed by CAROLINE ALLISON (top), is delightfully delicate. PAM HEAVNER’s raspberry-inspired work in the twin bed-filled nook shows how sweet and charming a raspberry-themed color scheme can be.

How amazing is this photograph by  STEPHEN KARLISCH? The raspberry-patterned cascading train, the chandelier, the contrasting patterns, the portraits…everything within the frame adds to the wonderful sense of drama.

Romantic seaside scenery, shot by PETER FRANK EDWARDS, dazzles with a pop of native raspberry-hued blossoms.

Pink blossoms punctuate this lovely patch of garden in DANIELLE HILL‘s photograph. The colors and textures make us want to walk right into the picture.