Proper Shampoo Protocol

We spend a lot of time debating the proper way to care for our hair here at TSG HQ. From how often to shampoo to how much product to use to the benefits of changing up what we put on our locks, there seems to be an endless variety of ways in which we could improve our routines. To help us determine how best to care for our hair, we reached out to the experts at Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare in Denver, Colorado for advice; here are their recommendations:

Follow proper shampoo protocol. Start with a quarter size amount of shampoo, applying and working the product into just the root, creating a strong lather. If you feel like you need more lather, add more water, not product. When using a more prestige product (like Kerastase), it is highly concentrated, meaning it has more ingredients in the product and less water, so to create an emulsified lather, additional water, not product, is the answer.

Learn the right way to condition. When conditioning the hair, we recommend conditioner or conditioning masques from Kerastase, Shu Uemura, or L’Oreal Professionnel. Kerastase for example, has formulated the masques to be used daily in light amounts, or it can be layered and used as a deep conditioning treatment once a week for deeper hydration. To use, apply two fingertips’ worth just through mid lengths and ends every time you shampoo. For more moisture, add a deep conditioning masque and leave on for five minutes once a week.

Build a healthy foundation. We recommend starting with one range of products and using them until you feel you have “graduated” on to the next level. For example, you should always repair the hair first before adding moisture and/or shine or enhancing your color. Mixing shampoos and conditioners is always a good idea so your hair doesn’t get use to the proteins and key ingredients that keep your hair healthy and shiny. It’s just like a workout or diet: routine is great, consistency is key, but changing it up keeps it at its best!

Make seasonal adjustments. Coming out of winter, your hair is always more dry, so sticking to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is always recommended, as well as a color safe shampoo to protect your hair color from fading from the sun’s rays. People generally shampoo and condition less in the winter because they’re not as active as they are in the summer, but you should remember that the more you shampoo and condition the more stress you put on your hair; less is usually more both in terms of hair health and product longevity.

TSG Tip 109: from Kelby Kauffman, Stylist and Product Specialist at Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare in Denver, CO.