The Sparkle Bar makes getting ready the ultimate experience by enhancing your natural beauty with makeup and celebrating the unique features that make you, you.

Whether it’s business or pleasure, a birthday or job interview, or just because, they are there for all your sparkle-worthy moments. In their Scottsdale studio, or on location – yes, they travel to you – The Sparkle Bar is the place to turn when you want to look and feel your best.

Photo: Schultz Digital

Photo: Schultz Digital

Q & A

Alex Bradberry, Owner

Q. What inspired you to begin your business?

A. The Sparkle Bar was created and born out of necessity. It was an opportunity to dream up a space that served women through a luxury experience and celebrated diversity in beauty and uniqueness.

 Q. We recently had some fun getting “camera-ready” with our own glam session in your beautiful studio. The studio vibe is definitely a special part of the experience, can you share a bit about what you hope clients experience from when they walk through the door until that magical “Sparkle fan” is waved at the conclusion of their session?

A. Swoon… my heart, I love that you remembered the fan, the Beyonce moment – yes! We are so lucky to get to do what we do which is literally taking the women that walk through our doors through the experience of falling in love with their faces, but it’s also so much more than makeup. We get to infuse sparkle and be there for the moments that make the memories (whether it’s a job interview, graduation photos, wedding) we get to be part of what’s important to you and in that moment, remind you of how naturally beautiful you are. It really is the opportunity to use artfully placed lipstick and blush to remind women (and men, all the people) to unleash their inner sparkle babe because what we do is enhance your already gorgeous features with makeup.

We hope that from the moment you step in, to the second you leave, that your experience with us makes your day better and gets you even more excited about what you’re about to go to, whether that’s walking down the aisle or to nail your dream job.

Q. You offer clients a range of services both in the studio and on location to best meet their needs.  Can you tell us about some fun experiences you and your team of talented artists have been a part of recently?

 A. What I love most about what we get to do and emphasize the word “get” because after the last year, every single opportunity to bring sparkle to the world is such a gift and the fact that we get to do it together is a blessing.

 When it comes to cool things… every day we get to create a vibe and send people off exponentially better than they came in; that is amazing and really makes life fun when we’re playing part in special occasions and being the ultimate hype squad in the process.

From live local news segments to hosting events for an international audience this past year has been filled with everything; we’ve been part of private parties and bachelorette parties to corporate video shoots and events with brands like Yelp and Suja most recently. One of the coolest events we’ve done – ever – was in partnership with Banner Philanthropy and Dunkin’ Donuts for their Teen Prom Event. We were there to bring the sparkle with Coachella-inspired glam stations and were able to spend the afternoon with a few deserving teens who needed a day of fun. We get to create bespoke experiences that become memories and that, on every level is awesome.

Q. Can you share with us a few of your local favorites?

 A. Ohhh okay so… as spontaneous as I can be, I am definitely a creature of habit; however, as we’ve started to reemerge I have made it a point to get out there and continue to try new spots. Recently, I visited Valentine and had the most amazing churro waffle and coffee… I’m a coffee and pastry for breakfast kind of girl so of course, I had to take one for the road, and OMG, it was divine–all of it. So good! I highly recommend and will absolutely be back to experience more.

I’m also a huge fan of Nonna in Downtown Scottsdale with its incredible food and ambiance. Curated by an amazing husband and wife team, Valentina Huerta and Gian Franco Brugaletta, who pour their heart into the food and the experience they create.

Q. Do you have a particular local organization or charity that’s close to your heart?

A. As a previous member of SunsCharities 88 it was really the catalyst to introduce me to many of the organizations in the Valley and the people doing incredible work to serve. Organization like SC88 gave me the opportunity to learn and engage through community impact days and just opening my eyes to ways to participate and lend talents.

Recently, I had the opportunity to learn more about A New Leaf which provides assistance to those in the community with needs and helps families, children, and adults overcome challenges.  One of the many lessons we’ve learned over the past year is how quickly something can change – how unexpected that can be – and how those challenges, whether it’s a job loss, medical crisis, domestic violence, can impact those in our community.

 As I dream big it also includes ways to serve through sparkle because sometimes just feeling like yourself (not looking tired, a little lipstick… some TLC) can change your perspective and outlook and be the game changer and ripple of positivity you need to keep it going and leave a little sparkle wherever you go.

Photo: Schultz Digital

Photo: Schultz Digital

Q. Tell us about a milestone you’ve celebrated or will be celebrating?

 A. We are about to celebrate 6 years of sparkle. I can’t believe it, what a milestone. With every anniversary comes something special but to find out what you’ll have to stay tuned…

Q. What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A. I love the way we’ve been received and embraced. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many driven people who aim to offer support. To be in a space that feels like it’s moving in a positive direction – collaborative, diverse, with an abundance of opportunity.


4200 N Marshall Way #7 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251