For over 10 years, Olga Brow Studio has been giving clients an eyebrow-changing experience. Olga, and the trained artists in her studio, are true experts in brow shaping. They offer a range of services to help enhance the brow shape, resulting in a timeless classic look.

Photo: Schultz Digital

Photo: Schultz Digital


Olga Zelek, Owner

Q. What inspired you to begin your business?

A. It was almost 10 years ago when I realized there was a gap in the market. There weren’t any places where clients could find highly trained brow artists. Most places focused on a quick turnover or body waxing and the brow shaping was treated like a quick add-on. Knowing how important brows are for our balanced look, I wanted to fill in that gap and create a place where clients are not rushed and where the artists are true brow experts, who know how to advise and give direction regarding your brow shape.

Q. There are many ways to enhance the best of your brow shape and still maintain a natural look. Beyond brow waxing and tinting, can you tell us a bit more about other popular services your offer to clients?

A. Another popular service that enhances your shape and keeps your brows looking natural is a brow lift also known as brow lamination. This service is like a Brazilian blowout for your brows, it resets your brow hairs into the desired position like an upward brushed looking brow or up and out brushed look. It is great for straightening unruly, wavy hair, or hair that grows in an unusual direction. It is also perfect for achieving that beachy brow or fluffy model-looking brow.

Q. Having brow work done at your studio is more of an experience than an appointment. From the beautifully appointed decor to the warm and gracious demeanor of your team, it’s clear you wanted to provide clients something special when they visit. What other aspects have been important to you as you’ve built the studio that people across the Valley look to for an elevated way to tend to this area of self-care?

A. I think attention to detail and precision of the process sets us apart and draws clients from all over the Valley and even visitors from out of state. Our artists are very well trained and therefore, they know how to pay attention to every aspect of your brows like bone structure, eye size, etc. We spend ample time on mapping and communication with clients to make sure our vision works with theirs. We also dedicate more time than typical to make sure the outcome meets our guest’s expectations and the results are always consistent


Q. Can you share with us a few of your local favorites spots?

A. My favorite local restaurants are Virtu Honest Craft, POMO. I love to get massages at Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia. 

Q. Do you have a particular local organization or charity that’s close to your heart?

A. St. Mary’s Food Bank and Maggie’s Place that provide housing and support for pregnant women are very close to my heart.

Q. What do you love about living and working here in the Valley?

A. I love Arizona for its natural beauty, amazing hikes, variety of climate, and amazing sunsets. For a friendly approach to small business in 2020.


7411 E 6th Ave Suite 101 | Scottsdale, AZ 85251