Member Spotlight: Leidan Mitchell

The Leidan Mitchell Team

Integral to The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale’s mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 3, we are thrilled to continue our story-telling mission with Member Spotlights. 

Over twenty years ago, founding owners Jacki Tatman and Erin Essert shared a vision of creating a salon environment where stylists could create and build their own businesses with the support of a full-service salon. And so Leidan Mitchell was born. The dream has very much come true, and in two decades of styling the Valley, Leidan Mitchell has expanded to two locations and welcomed three new ownership partners, Nicole Evans, Jessica Gallegos, and Kelly Reid. 

While the team that comprises the legendary Leidan Mitchell salons have prepped models walking for Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Monique Lhuillier, and Bruno Cucinelli shows to name a few, their focus is distinctly local. While chatting with Leidan Mitchell’s owners about their shared vision for reshaping the salon industry, it became clear that their motivation is rooted in the community. Here we chat with the team of partners — Jacki Tatman, Erin Essert, Jesica Gallegos, Nicole Evans, and Kelly Reid — about that vision and, puns intended, how they’ve grown and shaped it over 20+ years in business.

The exterior facade of Leidan Mitchell Hair Salon

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: First and foremost, locals need to know Leidan Mitchell is not a traditional salon in the sense that it centers around a singular stylist, style, or service. Rather, it’s the brainchild of two talented stylists. What was the motive behind this decidedly different approach to opening a salon? 
Leidan Mitchell: We created Leidan Mitchell to bring together talented technicians — each fully capable of running their own businesses — under one roof. In doing so, we’ve built a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives that support and help one another to grow. This allows us to have an impact on our industry that alone we could not achieve. In fact, our business model has given us the opportunity to foster hundreds of small businesses and many of our members have been with us for 20+ years. And, this fall we’ll celebrate 15 years of our Chandler salon with many of the stylists and technicians who were with us since day one! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: How would you describe what the vision has reaped? 
Leidan Mitchell: We have earned trust in the communities we serve from both clients and beauty professionals.  Clients trust our staff  in the most personal way, to touch them and bring their vision to life. The beauty industry nationwide has learned from our business model and embraced our  visionary culture. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What vision binds the five of you — Jacki Tatman, Erin Essert, Jessica Gallegos, Nicole Evans, and Kelly Reid — together? 
Leidan Mitchell: A shared desire to elevate the salon industry, advance our respective crafts, educate the next generation, support women, and foster fellow women in business. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: How does the partnership work? 
Leidan Mitchell: We were pioneers in the salon rental industry 22 years ago.  Erin and Jacki created a niche that has yet to be duplicated at the same level: independent technicians coming together under one roof to offer our clients the most current and creative service.  Now, with an expanded ownership group, we focus on training the next generation to be and do the same. Today, that is Leidan Mitchell. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Functionally, how does that work? What are your respective roles? 
Leidan Michell: Jacki is the original managing partner, running day-to-day operations, and providing emotional and business support for 100+ staff members. Erin, another original partner and one of the Valley’s most sought-after hair stylists, has a vision for the future that is unmatched. Nicole, our product junkie, part-time chemist, and extension expert, brings extensive knowledge of small business ownership. Kelly Reid has been a stylist for over 20 years in the valley and fuels her passion for education by handling our apprenticeship program and guest lecturing at the  Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at ASU.  Jessica is a beloved mentor to many of our stylists and technicians, and manages our makeover program that’s part apprenticeship education, part philanthropy.

A woman with curly hair getting styled at Leidan Mitchell in Phoenix Arizona

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: How did you settle on a name? 
Leidan Mitchell: It’s the combination of  Jacki and Erin’s children’s names. Leidan combines Leigha and Daniel, while Mitchell is Jacki’s son’s first name and Erin’s son’s middle name. And to top off the family connection, Erin’s son has named his first daughter — and first ownership grandchild — Leidan!

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: We love that! And it hints at the tight-knit, community-oriented values of Leidan Mitchell.  
Leidan Mitchell: We’re so glad you see it! Our hope is to offer the community the best in salon services for years to come. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What does nurturing this young talent look like? 
Leidan Mitchell: We specialize in taking raw, young talent and nurturing its full potential to build our community and invest in our future. Education is a must, so we partner with  our vendors to bring world-class talent to Leidan Mitchell to educate our staff.  We also design travel experiences outside the salon. For example, this summer we traveled to NYC with 15+ staff members for formal color training and a day of inspiration at the MET. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: While we’ve talked a lot about the unique experience Leidan Mitchell curates for young stylists and technicians. How would you describe the client experience?
Leidan Mitchell: Our hope is that each client who enters our salons feels the community we have built, and that our whole community is there to take care of them.  It’s not just their one stylist, or nail technician or esthetician who services them at Leidan Mitchell.  Everyone in the building is there to make certain their experience in the salon is a great one.  

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: In addition to a great hairstyle, what do you hope each client walks away from Leidan Mitchell with? 
Leidan Mitchell: We really hope our clients walk away trusting us and our process.  We hope they will speak well of us and recommend our salon to others.  We hope they found their whole experience in the salon to be positive and uplifting from the moment they enter to when they leave.    

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: The longevity of Leidan Mitchell suggests you’ve been quite successful in this aim. 
Leidan Mitchell: We recently celebrated 22 years in business, which means we’re now working with third-generation clients!

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: As longtime Phoenicians, you must have tried and true favorites. Can you share? 
Leidan Mitchell: We love to support local establishments with great service! Think Tarbell’s, Buck & Rider, La Grande Orange, and Hillstone for dining. Definitely order a Lemondrop Martini at Tarbell’s, by the way. For shopping? We love urbAna, Lifestyled Co..

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Any favorite local events? 
Leidan Mitchell: Anything that supports the local economy! As sponsors of the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders and the Arizona Rattlers dance team, we love attending their events in the valley.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Your commitment to the community has been a recurring theme throughout our conversation. Are there any particular community causes, or organizations Leidan Mitchell supports? 
Leidan Mitchell: Of course! We’ve partnered with Fresh Start Women’s Foundation for over twenty years, supporting the construction of their Women’s Resource Center, donating time and talent and offering makeovers in our salon. We also strive to support causes near and dear to our client’s hearts. Surely, you’ve seen a donation from Leidan Mitchell at a silent auction or two over the years.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Indeed we have! It’s truly heartwarming to see how committed our community is to supporting one another. 
Leidan Mitchell: It’s the best part about living in the Valley. That and we rarely have to worry about a rainy day ruining your hair! 

Learn more at or schedule an appointment by phone. Both the Phoenix (602.522.2050) and Chandler (480.857.4200) locations are open six days a week. Don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!