Member Spotlight: Cornelia Park

Allie Rosepink poses in front of a table decorated with Mackenzie-Childs items.

Integral to The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale’s mission is telling the stories behind the small businesses Scouted in each Volume. The story begins in print and continues online, after all. As you peruse Volume 3, we are thrilled to continue our story-telling mission with Member Spotlights. 

A Phoenix institution since Anne and David Park opened their doors at Biltmore Fashion Park in 1980, Cornelia Park has entered into a new era of ownership that promises to be equally illustrious. And, after officially transitioning to longtime employees Alli and Chris Rosepink in January of 2023, Cornelia Park is as joyful to visit, whether you’re popping in for something specific or just browsing their impressive collection of Mackenzie-Childs (still one of the world’s premier destinations for collectors of the illustrious brand). 

As we welcome Cornelia Park back for its third year of membership with The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale, we were thrilled to chat with the new co-owner (though longtime friend), Alli Rosepink, about the Cornelia Park legacy. 

Alli Rosepink poses with her team.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Phoenicians are familiar with Cornelia Park’s history. Tell us about yours and what led you to Cornelia Park… 
Alli Rosepink: After graduating college in 2009, I moved from Mississippi to Phoenix to be closer to family. In 2010, I started as a sales associate at Vera Bradley (also owned by the Parks), then moved to Cornelia Park. I grew into the role of Anne’s marketing and buying assistant, joining her at Market twice a year.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What was working with the Parks like? 
Alli Rosepink: The Parks have such a gift for encouraging and nurturing others. That gift fostered an incredible, family-esque culture. Our team has been together for decades, which speaks to the Parks’ leadership. And, perhaps most importantly, I have Anne and David to thank for introducing me to my husband and co-owner, Chris! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: After working at Cornelia Park for 13 years, you were well positioned and wonderfully qualified to helm a new era of leadership. What inspired you to take the entrepreneurial leap in January 2023?
Alli Rosepink: Owning my own store has been a lifelong dream. It’s my dream come true, and Chris and I hope to pass ownership to one of our daughters some day! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What does it feel like to realize this lifelong dream? 
Alli Rosepink: I feel so honored that Anne and David have entrusted us to carry on their business and legacy. My goal is to make them proud by honoring the reputation they built over 43 years in business. We’re fortunate that many longtime employees — like Michele, Cornelia Park’s store manager of over 26 years and Katie, Cornelia Park’s bridal registry expert of 14 years — are with us through this transition. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: As you and Chris steer Cornelia Park’s next decades of business, what elements of Anne and David’s legacy are the most important for you to honor? 
Alli Rosepink: I think Cornelia Park’s personal relationship with customers — in addition to the fabulous selection — is an essential component of the store’s success and identity. Cornelia Park has been so many Phoenician’s “happy store.I hope to continue fostering that feeling for customers new and old.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: And Cornelia Park’s famous relationship with MacKenzie-Childs? 
Alli Rosepink: It’s historic! Anne, David, and the Mackenzie-Childs team have worked closely for decades to make Cornelia Park one of the world’s premier destinations for the brand’s collectors. I’m honored to continue this relationship!

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Is there anything new we should keep an eye out for?
Alli Rosepink: Yes! We’re eager to share the joys of Cornelia Park with shoppers near and far, so we are upgrading our point-of-sale systems and website to offer a more robust, user-friendly online shopping experience. We’re also excited about our expanding children’s gift and clothing department, which features fan-favorite bands like Jellycat, Lola & the Boys, Little Giraffe to suit kids of all ages.

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: So patrons can shop local wherever they are! Love that! As a business owner, can you speak to why it is so important to support independently-owned businesses? 
Alli Rosepink: Independently-owned businesses like Cornelia Park can offer an unparalleled experience, from customer service to product knowledge. We pride ourselves in knowing the history of our brands and our customers. Shopping with independent and small businesses also offers a unique opportunity to experience many different collections under one roof. For example, you’ll find our large collection of MacKenzie-Childs, as well as Juliska, Julie Vos, Catstudio, PJ Harlow, Capucine DeWulf, Eyebobs, Jellycat and many more.

Alli Rosepink poses with the Cornelia Park team

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: This is perhaps best illustrated by your fabulous wedding registry services! 
Alli Rosepink: Absolutely! We take such pride in creating an ultra-personalized experience for couples and their guests. Not only is it an honor to help a couple select items they will cherish for years, it’s also so fun to help each of our client’s guests pick out the perfect item they feel really proud to gift, then wrap it to perfection! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Cornelia Park has outfitted hundreds of couples with heirloom quality home and entertaining essentials. Let’s talk about the latter. What is your best hosting advice? 
Alli Rosepink: Hosting can be a lot of work. Make sure to find a way to make it enjoyable for yourself, too. For me, this usually means indulging in new napkins or glassware for the event! Come see us before your next soiree! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: Whether it’s for hosting or your store, where do you find inspiration? 
Alli Rosepink: Everywhere! Right now, social media is a major source of inspiration. I love the inside-look at other people’s travels and homes to see how they accessorize and decorate with their favorite things.

Cornelia Park as seen in The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale Volume 3

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: While your inspiration comes from all over, Cornelia Park is a distinctly Phoenix brand. What is your favorite part about living and owning a business in the Valley? 
Alli Rosepink: I love the small-town feel — you know, the kind where everyone knows your name — that Phoenix has maintained despite the rapid growth. But we also have so many places to shop, eat, and explore. You get the best of everything here! 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: What are your go-to’s around town?  
Alli Rosepink: There’s almost too many to name! For dining I love La Grande Orange, Fly Bye, Arcadia Farms, and Chelsea’s Kitchen. At La Grande Orange, order an iced latte — they’re the best in town! When it comes to shopping, I’m usually on the hunt for clothing for my girls. I love Kidstop Toys and Bows & Bowties. 

TSG Phoenix & Scottsdale: How do you stay connected with and supportive of your community here in Phoenix? 
Alli Rosepink: We maintain relationships with several local charities — Brophy College Prep, Xavier College Preparatory, PANDA, Fresh Start, National Charity League, K2 Adventures, Board of Visitors, to name a few — and leverage Cornelia Park’s unique offerings to support their fundraising efforts! You’ll see us participating in the Board of Visitors Care Card event in October! 

Visit Cornelia Park at 2502 E Camelback Road Monday – Saturday 10:00 to 6:00 PM and Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 PM or online 24/7. Don’t forget to tell them Scout sent you!