Advantage Tutoring was created in 2009 by a mother and former teacher, Jessi Dall, to provide customized academic support for both traditionally and homeschooled students. Whether in your home or in their state-of-the-art, kid-friendly office, they strive to partner students with tutors based upon personalities, learning/teaching styles, subject expertise, and schedules. Their tutoring is not based on a predetermined program, but on the individual needs of your student. Their most popular services include homework help, homeschool, and test prep.

Known throughout the Valley for the quality of their tutors and their work with all grade levels (preschool up through the collegiate level), their priority is to help the student achieve their goals. 

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Q & A

Jessi Dall, Owner

Q: What inspired you to begin Advantage Tutoring?

A: As a classroom teacher, I desired longevity with student relationships, in order to most effectively support each individual’s academic journey. Through Advantage Tutoring, I use academics as a platform to mentor students through all subjects and seasons of life.

Q: This last year was particularly challenging for students for a variety of reasons. What’s been your greatest takeaway? How has Advantage Tutoring adjusted to meet these challenges?

A: Prior to the pandemic, less than 20% of American students worked regularly with a tutor. This past year has altered the negative stigma associated with “needing a tutor.” Today, all students need an in-person educator to fill in the unavoidable learning gaps that have been created and remind students that learning is a gift.

We are offering diagnostic assessments to students in Kindergarten-12th grade, to help students and parents best identify areas of weakness. The assessment results then lay the foundation for the student’s customized summer program, which can be effectively completed in-center, in-home, or over zoom. Students will start the 2021-2022 year confidently prepared.

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Photo: Life Created

Q: We understand you’re offering a bridge program in partnership with Kidstop to help kids stay connected to learning between the end and the start of school. Can you share more about this program? How do families get involved?

A: Pandemic learning has cost students critical learning growth.  Kate Tanner, the owner of Kidstop and I, decided to put our heads together to create a way to best support valley students and their families. Getting involved is a simple three-step process: 1. purchase the grade-appropriate Summer Bridge Book from KidStop Toys.  2.  Your child works through the book and seeks additional support for any challenge concepts from Advantage Tutoring tutors (more information can be found here on the website). 3. Turn in the completed Bridge Book to Kidstop Toys for 50% off any toy of the student’s choice.

Q: What should families know ahead of the next school year about Advantage Tutoring? When is the best time to schedule tutoring?

A: Advantage Tutoring is undergoing rebranding. To better align with our mission and the goals of our clientele, we will be launching our new name, Sophos Tutoring. Sophos is Greek for intellect and wisdom. As the company continues to best serve valley families, we want them to know that just because other tutoring has not worked, we will partner with your child’s learning style, their school’s curriculum, and your family’s schedule to ensure your child is fully prepared for the upcoming school year. Please visit our website to schedule a call and enroll because our customized summer support program has limited availability.

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Photo: Life Created

Q: What do you love about running a business here in the Valley?

A: I love partnering with schools and teachers all across the Valley, in order to come alongside the academic journeys of students. Through Advantage Tutoring, we have become meaningfully connected with families and have been able to participate in numerous students launching to universities across the nation.

Q: Can you share with us a few of your local favorites?

Luci’s at the Orchard, Joyride Taco House, Kidstop.

Q: Do you have a particular local organization or charity that’s close to your heart?

Scottsdale Bible Church.

Scouted Tip: Advantage Tutoring Summer Camps were just announced!

Check out the Advantage Tutoring Instagram for current updates and enrollment information.

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Photo: Life Created

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