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We are absolutely thrilled to announce that TSG member and local fitness expert, Carrie Wightman, will be launching her highly anticipated active leisurewear line – Fit 4 All – this Friday, May 28th on QVC from 10AM-11AM. This newly launched brand comes at the height of Carrie’s fitness career of over 25 years here on the Main Line and lends itself to the inspiration of Carrie’s brand Carrie Wightman Fitness. “My vision to create an inclusive community ‘We are in this together’ inspired my own brand, Fit 4 All,” stated Carrie. “This line has a soft approach to active leisurewear while focusing on inclusivity. Fit 4 All is targeted to span multiple generations – grandmother, mother, and daughter – at affordable price points across all categories. There is something for every woman at any age to feel great and look her best!”

Carrie Wightman is a single mother to her beautiful daughter Paige and their precious dog Sunny. She has devoted her life to fitness, health, and the wellbeing of her clients for the last 25 years. Her corporate career in Pharmaceutical Sales, teaching fitness classes at every gym/studio across the Main Line and running her own outdoor boot camps has been a true labor of love. Additionally, she began her career on QVC 10 years ago, as an on-air fitness expert and is still going strong!

In 2017, she left corporate America and decided to go for it to become an entrepreneur and focus 100% on her passion which is profoundly changing and helping people’s lives. She now owns a personal fitness training studio in Bryn Mawr and created an online virtual fitness platform over this last year to help individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle within a like-minded community to stay connected during this pandemic year. Additionally, she continued to represent products on QVC to help individuals remain active and mobile at home while having fun doing it.

As we gear up in anticipation for the upcoming reveal of Fit 4 All, we wanted to hear more about the exciting details of Carrie Wightman’s newly launched brand and provide you with everything you need to know to be ready to snatch up these hot new pieces on QVC this Friday, May 28th.

Rainbow Track Leggings

What is the primary purpose for your new activewear line – Fit 4 All and what do you think makes this line extra special and unique?

My purpose is to help you move more in comfort, style, and confidence. Inclusivity is my mantra. We are in this together. This game of life that is. If you feel great in what you’re wearing then your day will start off great as well, and then your momentum will stay with you throughout the day. That’s the idea atleast, and it usually seems to work out!  

What are you mostly excited about with this new activewear line?

My excitement stems from the idea that you can Fit it ALL in by wearing Fit 4 All from day to night. Fit 4 All was inspired for you to take a 20-minute home workout, to zoom calls, to running errands and appointments, to walking your dog and having lunch or dinner with friends. My days are jammed packed, just like yours. Fit 4 All is intended to make sense for your overall lifestyle. This line is fully inspired by my own lifestyle and that is why it came with such ease when developing the right pieces to fit every part of your day. I know the fit needs to be comfortable around the shoulders, flattering around the waist, butt, and thighs. The fabric needs to be soft and comfortable enough to carry you through the day and into the evening. I had to have beautiful bright colors to brighten your days that also wash well and travel well no matter where your day takes you.  

Tie Die Tunic + Kick Flare Capris

What are some key essential pieces that are a MUST for every woman to snatch up from Fit 4 All? 

I am loving our peekaboo top and jogger bottoms. They are super soft and poly-blend with colors that bring out your natural beauty. We designed pockets that are cleverly placed in both the top and bottom for a flattering look, and the joggers are intended to replace jeans. They have a zipper on the bottom and cinch in at the end for a more modern look. I love the waist band and detailed draw string for added flair. Another special piece that will be her everyday bottom is our low mid-thigh tennis skort which is perfect for golf, tennis, walking, errands, etc,. The fit is amazing, trust me!  Not too short and not too long. I would pack my skorts anywhere from Disney with the kids to the Caribbean islands, and everything in between. We have some great lightweight tops with a modern-day tie die that’s been trending heavily over the last two years. It’s not going anywhere, and we love the look for every woman at any age. The tunic tops act as 3 tops in 1 as a shirt, sweater, or sweatshirt with a classic twist. The leggings are premium spandex that lift and tighten with comfort and provide the perfect tummy control that we all look for. Pockets are always a part of my story, and I was sure to incorporate that into many of these special pieces. As a busy working mother, I always need a place to tuck my keys or phone into my pants. So keep an eye out for that pocket pop that we all look for.  

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Walk us through when and where we can purchase Fit 4 All merchandise on QVC.

You can tune in May 28th on QVC from 10AM-11AM for 1 hour with yours truly and Kerstin, the program host. You can shop on QVC’s app – free and super easy to tune in and watch the shows.  You can also shop and watch live QVC programming online with the LIVE TV stream on QVC is also on YouTube, and has a great app on Roku and the Amazon Fire TV that let you stream QVC along with HSN for free in a single app. With so many options these days, there is no reason to miss our show for the big launch, and we sure would love the local support!

V-Neck Seamed Tunic + Tennis/Golf Skort

This has been quite a journey to get here, and congratulations for the launch of your new brand Carrie!  What makes this so meaningful and special to you?

I believe at any age you can pivot and start a whole new life. It takes courage, but I would bet on myself any day over someone else to get the job done. You can rewrite your story and live a life of passion for what inspires you at any age. That is what makes this so meaningful to me. I say this a lot, muscle knows no age so why would we limit ourselves if we don’t have to? Creating a brand that can motivate you to move more is my sole purpose. Having my daughter see her mother living her dream and giving her the confidence to go after whatever she wants is equally my dream and makes all of this extra special for me. Ultimately, I want every woman to feel that she can move with confidence throughout her day with my active leisure wear, no matter what her day brings. But most importantly, I hope this brand brings her happiness! 

Let’s show our local love and tune into QVC this Friday, May 28th at 10AM to support Carrie Wightman in her new fitness active leisure wear venture that we are confident will be a great success story.  Congratulations Carrie for all of your hard work. We are so proud to have such a talented fitness expert and now fitness clothing designer right here on the Main Line and Philadelphia! 

Ombre Dye Tunic + Track Stripe Joggers

Be sure to follow Fit 4 All on both Instagram and Facebook: @fit4all.carriewightman / Shop online at:

You can follow Carrie Wightman on Instagram @carriewightmanworkouts and on Facebook @carriewightmanfitness.  Go to: for more information on how to sign-up for her monthly memberships to access all of her live workouts and over 365 archived workouts through her video library. 

Your Editor,

Laurie M. Wightman

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