Four women standing together smiling at The Scout Guide event, with a backdrop of vibrant pink cherry blossom branches. Each woman is stylishly dressed, representing individual fashion choices, indicating a gathering likely celebrating style, community, or a special occasion related to The Scout Guide's ethos.
Delilah Gervais of Splendor, TSG Park City Editor, Suzanne Dildy, Erin Proctor of Erin Proctor Home and Kelley Wolf

On Thursday, April 25th, The Scout Guide Park City hosted our 2nd Annual Fashion Show, Paris Au Printemps at the gorgeous Double Deer Room at Promontory Club for a tres chic evening of fashion, food and fun. It was amazing to gather local women from the Park City community together in support of local female owned businesses, while supporting our Scouted Philanthropy, The Park City Museum.

Scroll down to view all of the beautiful photos from the event and view the Fashion Show video below


Elegant floral arrangement featuring a variety of pink and red flowers in a dark bowl on a stand, with a decorative circular emblem displaying the icon of The Scout Guide prominently at the base. In the background, a metal and glass shelf displays wine glasses and bottles, creating a sophisticated ambiance.
Florals by Florette, Venue Promontory Double Deer
A group of seven women dressed in a variety of stylish and sophisticated ensembles, each with unique accessories, pose together for a photo at a well-lit indoor event that captures the essence of The Scout Guide's celebration of local businesses, entrepreneurs, and community.
Models backstage before the show Jen Schumacher, Trove Gallery, Terri Nielson, Panache, Lizzie Cook OC Tanner, Christine Huoung, Splendor, Sophy Kohler, Park City Gardens, Meghan Burchard, Minnows
A small golden Eiffel Tower model centered on a green book labeled The Scout Guide, with a pink instruction card and a vase of pink roses blurred in the foreground. The setting suggests a stylish, curated presentation, typical of The Scout Guide's local lifestyle emphasis.
Floral Production by Florette
Three women are standing together at a stylish event, each holding a glass of wine. The setting has a sophisticated decor with white and pink floral arrangements in the background, contributing to an elegant ambiance that aligns with The Scout Guide's aesthetic. The woman on the left sports black leather pants and a plush pink fur jacket, while the woman in the center wears a vibrant purple satin dress. The woman on the right is styled in a soft pink skirt and a casual grey sweater, adding a relaxed yet chic vibe to the trio's collective look.
Guests enjoying French 75s by life size Cherry Blossom Tree and hanging butterflies by Florette
Server in a black shirt presenting a white tray of appetizers featuring crisp bread topped with cheese and garnish, reflecting The Scout Guide's attention to detail and quality in hospitality.
Hors d’ouvres prepared by Promontory’s Chef at Double Deer
Elegantly dressed women attend a stylish event, reminiscent of gatherings featured in The Scout Guide, with delicate paper butterfly decorations hanging overhead, creating an atmosphere of whimsy and sophistication.
Guests entering the ballroom at Promontory’s Double Deer
Person holding a glass of sparkling wine with a pink cherry blossom backdrop, embodying The Scout Guide's celebration of local culture and refined living.
French 75s were the signature drink
Three women in elegant attire posing with smiles, one holding a mobile phone taking a selfie in front of vibrant pink cherry blossoms at a The Scout Guide event.
Angela Peterson of Amplified Aesthetics and friends enjoying a selfie moment
A close-up of a sophisticated black gift bag with a shiny gold keychain featuring an Eiffel Tower pendant attached to a black ribbon printed with the text "THE SCOUT GUIDE". The bag has twisted black handles and contains light pink tissue paper, with a glimpse of a white invitation or card with elegant text partially visible. The overall presentation exudes a sense of refined taste and exclusivity associated with The Scout Guide brand.
All guests received coveted TSG Swag Bags
A woman in a striped peach dress stands smiling and speaking into a microphone at an event featuring a vibrant pink cherry blossom tree installation, with a backdrop containing logos associated with The Scout Guide.
TSG Park City Editor, Suzanne Dildy Greeting Guests
A performer in retro attire with a beret and microphone stands before a vibrant backdrop of pink cherry blossoms at a The Scout Guide event.
Vocals by Kate Chanson
An elegant interior decoration featuring a series of interlocking golden circles suspended from the ceiling, adorned with delicate white butterfly cut-outs which catch the light from illuminated dots lining the hoops, all set against a dark paneled backdrop, invoking a sense of whimsy and sophistication that aligns with The Scout Guide's aesthetic.
Hand strung butterflies by Florette
A woman confidently walks down a runway amidst an audience, modeling a floral dress with a belted waist, black sandals, and a small green handbag, at an event reminiscent of The Scout Guide's promotion of local businesses and fashion.
Meghan Burchard of Minnows wearing a Panache look on the Runway
A stylish woman in a black sleeveless dress and sunglasses confidently walks through a venue decorated with hanging paper butterflies, exemplifying The Scout Guide's vibe of elegance and community at a social event.
Jaime Pack of Christie’s International wearing a look from The Collective Park City
A smiling woman in stylish beige business attire walks down a fashion runway surrounded by fluttering paper butterflies, as an audience on each side captures the moment, evoking The Scout Guide's celebration of local style and charm.
Gretchen Hudgens of Windermere Real Estate wearing a look from Grace Clothiers
A stylish woman wearing a tan hat and denim jacket with a silk scarf smiles as she walks through a crowd of seated people at a social event featured in The Scout Guide.
Christine Huaong wearing a look from Panache & JW Bennett
A confident model walks down the runway at a fashion event from The Scout Guide, dressed in an eclectic mix of denim and a statement black coat with a vibrant green fur collar, catching the eyes of the seated audience.
Marion Zanello of Team Event wearing a look from Farasha
A joyous woman in a summer outfit dances in front of a vibrant pink cherry blossom tree at a The Scout Guide event, holding a shopping bag marked "Cake," conveying a sense of celebration and seasonal enjoyment.
Rachel Retzer of Christie’s International wearing a look from Cake
A woman confidently walks in a social event while showcasing an eclectic fashion ensemble featuring a vibrant red turtleneck sweater with patterned details, paired with crisp white shorts and black knee-high boots. She carries a navy tote on one shoulder and holds a bouquet of yellow lilies, embodying the dynamic spirit of The Scout Guide. Behind her, seated guests observe and chat, encapsulating the lively atmosphere of the gathering.
Jessica Powers of OC Tanner wearing a look from We Norwegians
Woman standing in front of a cherry blossom tree at The Scout Guide event, smiling to the side, wearing a pinstripe sleeveless top with a flowing navy tulle skirt and matching heels.
Whitney Diamond of The Queen’s Gambit wearing a look from Zenzee
A woman in a floral dress walks past a vibrant artificial cherry blossom tree, while another person in a leaf-patterned suit stands in the background, both captured in a setting reminiscent of The Scout Guide's emphasis on style and local charm.
Christing Huaong of Splendor and Jenn Schumacher of Trove wearing looks from Chammomile
Two women smiling for the camera at a The Scout Guide event, with pink cherry blossoms in the background and the logo for The Scout Guide visible on the backdrop behind them. The woman on the left wears a red outfit with a blazer and the woman on the right is dressed in a pastel-striped dress. Both stand confidently, adding to the vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere of the occasion.
Vanessa DiPalma Wright of Farasha and TSG Park City Editor, Suzanne Dildy
Three women smiling for the camera at a The Scout Guide event, standing in front of a backdrop adorned with pink cherry blossoms and The Scout Guide logos. The woman on the left is wearing a tiger print dress, the center woman is in a beige top and black skirt, and the woman on the right is dressed in a bright red blazer and black skirt. Fallen cherry blossom petals are scattered on the floor, adding to the festive atmosphere.
Guests enjoying the Apres Fete
A group of stylish individuals striking a pose in front of a vibrant pink cherry blossom tree at a The Scout Guide event, radiating a friendly and festive atmosphere.
Whitney Diamond of Queens’ Gambit and Jamie Pack of Christie’s International and friends

All photos by Dan Campbell Photography

Video by Boehlke Media

Fashion Production: Farasha Style

Venue: Promontory Double Deer

Floral Production: Florette

Event Coordination: Wilhelmina Events and Mare Piper

Hair Sponsor: Lit Salons

Vocals: Kate Chanson

DJ: Miss DJ Luxe

Fashion: Cake, Chammomile, Farasha, Grace Clothiers, Panache, The Collective Park City, We Norwegians, Zenzee, JW Bennett