On a Personal Note


Whether you’re a traditionalist or a technophile, chances are you love receiving handwritten letters in the mail. The intimacy of a note penned by a friend or family member on paper inspires the kind of thrill that even the most emoji-filled missive just can’t equal. This is doubly true when the paper in question happens to be thoughtfully conceived custom stationery. Imagine, for example, opening your mailbox and finding that a letter written on the above emerald-hued Emily McCarthy-designed stationery awaits…even the most hesitant pen-pal among us would be tempted to pick up a pen and write back.


Custom stationery is truly an investment to be treasured. Timeless designs like the ones featured above by Ink Nashville (top), Paces Papers in Atlanta (above, left), and Dallas’s Missing Q Press (above, right) will never seem tired—especially if you stick to a palette that matches your preferences.

tsg-stationery-toatsandlaurelA simple, masculine monogram in a classic font is far from boring. Exhibit A: The above letterpress stationery by Houston-based Toast & Laurel, which makes a strong statement yet will stand the test of time.


Injecting a little bit of flair via an unexpected pop of color or metallic to a traditional design, a la the featured selections from Memphis’s Stovall Collection (top and above, left) and Jackson, Mississippi’s Fresh Ink (above, right) adds personality without sacrificing any style points.


We adore the above sketch from the Instagram feed of the talented Dallas-based Ellis Hill team. “The art of monograms” should not go unappreciated!


As Erika Jack notes in her TSG Tip, envelope liners are a wonderful place to have fun and add a little whimsy. The patterns selected in the above examples by Fresh Ink (top and above, right) and Fair Haven, New Jersey-based Ink Papery (above, left) perfectly complement and complete the custom-designed creations.

tsg-stationery-childrens I

t’s never too early to teach little ones the importance of the thank-you note, and these stationery options, all available from The Dandelion Patch in Northern Virginia, will have kids reaching for their crayons to craft correspondence in no time.


The best stationery is beautiful from front to back, including the always-important return address. Customized stamps, such as the above examples from Toast & Laurel (top and above, right) and Chattanooga’s Shadowbox Paperie (above, left), are excellent options that allow owners to experiment with a variety of inks.