Our Honest Review: Rejuvenated Med Spa Treatment

Associate Editor Flannery here, I’m sharing an honest review of my experience with Rejuvenated Med Spa and their latest laser magic! Keep reading to learn about my candid experience with their Laser Genesis treatment and Bio RePeel combo, which are great for banishing acne, scarring, discoloration, and more!

Before we get into it, I feel inclined to share that you could probably say I’m a novice to the world of lasers, peels, at-home, and even experimental acne solutions. If it’s out there, I’ve probably tried it (for better or worse)! Having struggled with acne and the things that come with acne (redness, scarring, discoloration) for over 15 years, I really have tried it all – including accutane. When I heard about the new Laser Genesis treatment and peel combo, I knew I had to try it! This combo helps with all kinds of skin concerns, from acne, texture, scarring, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness – you name it! The best part? It requires pretty much no down time, and you can continue about your life without having to worry about your skin peeling off like crazy. 

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When I first walked into Rejuvenated, the overall feeling was very calm, and an inviting atmosphere. The perfect kind of feeling you want to have before this kind of treatment! My aesthetician, Abbey, greeted me and took me back to the treatment room. I put on a super cozy robe and headband, and then we got to work! The first treatment was the Laser Genesis, which can be a standalone treatment or something that’s added to any facial. Before we got started, she let me know that I would feel warmth, but that was really it! I was a little skeptical, as most lasers I’ve had either felt like a rubbing band slapping you in the face, or a sharp burning sensation that’s definitely not pleasant. I’ve even had lasers where I was numbed, but still felt pain. Not this!!! I was SHOCKED at how truly painless it was, just a bit of heat. Even the heat really just felt like I was starting to be sunburned, nothing crazy at all. Abbey made zig-zag patterns along my face, and the whole process took less than 15 minutes! Immediately after, my skin looked a little flushed, but nothing crazy. 

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Right after the laser, we ventured to another room for my Bio RePeel treatment! The Bio RePeel uses salicylic acid and TCA to exfoliate the top layer of skin, and it’s a medium-depth peel with no pain and no down time! It’s great for active acne, redness, acne scarring, sun damage, pretty much everything! I was also truly amazed that I could have a laser treatment and go straight to a peel! As far as the application, Abbey had a steamer going on my face the whole time which felt like magic (note to self – steam more often!) and applied the peel in little dots along my face. She then spread the dots out and let them sit for a few minutes. This process really just felt tingly, but no “pain”. After letting it do it’s magic, she wiped the peel off and moisturized me, and then had me sit under a Celluma Pro LED light therapy machine for a few minutes to further help with any acne! For after-care, I was instructed to use a gentle face wash and moisturizer for a week, then I could go back to any retinols or acids that were part of my routine. 

As far as how I felt and looked immediately after, I would say I was a bit flushed – but definitely not red or scary looking! About 45 minutes after the treatment, my skin was back to normal and not flushed looking at all. In the days following, the existing acne that I had (which were a few small pimples and one large cyst) finally started to clear up!! The cyst was way less inflamed and angry looking. 

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Now about a week out, I can confidently say that I will be re-booking this treatment to further get the results I loved after just one use – less redness, less acne scarring, my pores seem to have shrunk, and of course my acne being less visible. I would give this treatment an honest review of 10/10 and would highly recommend going to see Abbey at Rejuvenated – tell them The Scout sent you! 

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