Maude Boutique: Celebrating 16 Years of Style and Success

Maude owner Becca Brisiel photographer in her home studio with cothing and jewelry styled around her, Becca is sitting in a modern chair wiht her dog in her lap.

Join us in celebrating Maude’s 16th anniversary, a landmark in women’s fashion under the passionate guidance of Becca Brisiel. From a dream fueled by a love of fashion to a thriving boutique in Fayetteville, Maude stands as a testament to dedication, community spirit, and the evolving world of women’s apparel. Dive into the story of Maude’s journey, a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, family values, and fashion-forward thinking.

Becca, congratulations on Maude’s 16th anniversary! Could you share with us the story behind Maude’s inception and how it has grown to be a staple in women’s fashion?

Thank you so much! My love of fashion came from my mom. I always dressed up in her clothes and have the best memories of us shopping together when I was younger. That is why the store is named after my mom, Maude is my mom’s  (and grandmothers) middle name. Owning my own boutique was the dream and in 2007 I had sold my home and was in the planning stages of building a new house. I was at a crossroads and knew if I didn’t do it now while I was single and without kids I never would. So I used the money from the sale of my house and opened Maude instead of building my little dream home. It has been 16 years now and it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.  

Over the past 16 years, what have been some key factors that have contributed to Maude’s success and longevity in the retail industry?

Before opening Maude I absolutely loved shopping at boutiques and 16 years ago Fayetteville only had a couple high end boutiques that most people loved but couldn’t afford. So I knew from the start I wanted to carry women’s clothing primarily under $100 and carry quality shoes and bags. Through the years many new stores continue to open and at first I would get very nervous and wonder how the economy can support us all. Somehow it is because we are continuing to thrive and grow. Fayetteville has really become a hub for great boutique shopping and I think that’s due to a wonderful community that supports small and local businesses. To try and stay unique we are continually trying to find up and coming brands as well as brands that are exclusive to us. We try to create an inviting atmosphere and up our customer service game to keep our customers loyal. I focus on hiring employees that are a good representation of Maude and what our company stands for. We constantly get positive feedback on our team and customer service so I couldn’t do it without them. 

As a female entrepreneur and mother, how do you balance the demands of motherhood with managing a successful boutique?

 No one works harder than a mom, so owning a business with kids can be challenging, but all rewarding things are. One week you feel proud and accomplished, the next you feel like you’re failing your kids because of working late at night with deadlines and the next I feel like I’ve neglected the store for personal matters. My son has epilepsy and special needs, he is in and out of doctors visits and hospitals so if I didn’t have a great team at Maude I could not do it, I’ve learned to accept help. You have to let go of some things, prioritize, and delegate and put your focus where it’s most needed and take it day by day. I try to stay organized with my planning but other things get in the way of that to do list at times. I’m learning to not be so hard on myself and just do my best. That’s all we can ask of ourselves. 

In your view, what trends are currently defining women’s fashion, and how does Maude stay ahead of the curve in offering the latest styles?

Fashion is constantly recycling and right now what once was boring is fresh and new again. There is a huge turn to simpler  and more basic styles and there is more demand for comfort and ease than in the past few decades. It’s easier than ever to stay inspired now. Customers used to look to fashion magazines for style inspiration and now it’s primarily social media which I love because there is something for everyone instead of this one standard. We continue to evolve each season and try to anticipate what our customers will want and love.

Maude storefront in Fayetteville located at 704 North College

Reflecting on Maude’s journey, what would you say has been your proudest moment as the owner of this beloved boutique?

The times that past and current employees and customers have shared how much Maude has meant to them. We have been there to help customers get dressed for engagements, family photos, wedding showers, funerals, bachelorette parties, birthdays and so many other hard and special milestones in their lives. People on our team have become lifelong best friends. I have so many special relationships I have made along the way with our customers, other local business owners, vendors and our Maude team. It is so much more than a business, we are a family and it has filled my life and heart with so much joy.

Fayetteville is known for its vibrant community and unique local businesses. What do you love most about being part of the Fayetteville business scene?

I know I said it above but it’s the relationships I have made along the way with other local business owners. Some of them have become very close friends throughout the years. Instead of competing we lift each other up, support and root for each other. 

As Maude celebrates this milestone anniversary, are there any special events or promotions that customers can look forward to?

We just did a $1600 giveaway on our Instagram and we are now doing 12 days of Christmas with a sale and giveaway each day. Follow @shopmaude to enter! There will be specials going all through Christmas and after that we do our semi annual sale with things marked down 40-75% off!

Lastly, how has being a mother influenced the way you approach business decisions and customer relations at Maude?

I have always tried to put people ahead of all else. But as I’ve become a mother I find myself being more protective and maternal with our team and even when I’m having to address difficult things I try to show them that as long as you take ownership for your mistakes then it can be turned into a learning lesson and is just making you stronger and more prepared for life ahead.

Reflecting on 16 remarkable years, Maude continues to be more than just a boutique – it’s a community cornerstone, fostering relationships and fashion alike. Stay tuned for their exciting 12 days of Christmas event and don’t miss the semi-annual sale for exclusive deals. Follow Maude on Instagram and Facebook, or explore their latest collections and story at You can find Maude’s recent features with The Scout Guide here and here. Cheers to many more years of style, family, and community at Maude!