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Here in our lovely corner of the world, I’m always striving to blend work and life seamlessly. On a typical day in the life of Northwest Arkansas, you’ll usually find me balancing work, personal, and family commitments, all while making my way back and forth from Bentonville to Fayetteville for The Scout Guide NWA.

I prefer to start my day with fitness and have recently fallen head over heels for San Studio, an Xformer Pilates Studio located in downtown Bentonville.  From the incredibly chic beige aesthetic to the challenging yet holistic practice within the movement, I genuinely feel like I’ve been transported to Milan during a pilates session. Then, a quick stop at Sunny’s on Second for a post-fitness refuel, where I usually opt for a nutrient-dense smoothie (on-the-go) but pause for a bit amidst the local flavors and friendly faces.  Sunny’s has the sunniest disposition, pun intended, and is a warm welcoming space for community, connection, and delectable eats/treats.

San Pilates Xformer Studio, Bentonville pilates, holistic, Sunny's on Second, smoothies

As I transition into Editor mode with my laptop in tow, the Momentary Tower bar serves as the perfect landscape for editorial work, allowing me to transition between tasks a few floors up from the inspiring art exhibits.  Next stop is Two Friends Books for a quick and colorful lunch, the beet and carrot salad, staying true to my commitment to overall wellness by focusing on ample color and simple, wholesome ingredients. A trip to 8th Street Market wouldn’t be complete without a jaunt to Markham and Fitz for a special treat for the kids –  the peanut butter and chocolate nibs cookie, of course.

Two Friends Bookds, Salad, Markham and Fitz, Chocolate, Eat Local

As mid-afternoon rolls around, the end of my workday is near and it’s time to scoop up the kids from school. My mind casually shifts from professional focus to big family energy, capturing the fluidity of our typical daily rhythm. Picture each day as a curated playlist, but with a spontaneous shuffle that keeps things interesting. It’s a dynamic dance, blending the elements we cherish—professional pursuits, personal moments, and family connections—each one taking center stage in the unique beat of our life in Northwest Arkansas.

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All images have been sourced from the local businesses featured within the articleSan Pilates, Sunny’s on Second, Two Friends Books, and Markham & Fitz.