table terrain tip

When it comes to tabletop décor, you can’t go wrong with a mixture of classic, elevated pieces and natural elements. Fall is perhaps our favorite time to play with this combination, thanks to the beautiful seasonal produce and our inclination to move toward a more formally set table as the holidays approach. Recently, we turned to Table Terrain, a Hunt Country, Virginia-based company founded by Brooke Streep that provides tablescape kits in a variety of styles and palettes that make entertaining a breeze, for inspiration on how to set a beautiful table for autumn. From dramatic touches to must-have accents, we outline their formula for a nature-inspired fall table below.

Keep your foundation neutral. Sticking to a pared-down palette when it comes to foundational elements like linens, plates, and candles will allow your accents—like seasonal fruits and gourds—to shine. In addition, Streep notes, tone on tone pieces can be used again and again, from season to season.

Add texture and interest with natural elements. Tactile items like pheasant feathers (as in the placemats above), rugs, and layered linens add dimension and interest to the table. Horn napkin rings bring a rustic touch that’s perfect for fall, while seasonal fruit can be used to bring in a pop of color. Antlers, leaves, and branches are also excellent accessories to add to the mix.

Bring some drama. It’s important to have pieces of varying heights on the table to keep the display from looking one-note, and bringing in a substantial piece like a vintage-inspired urn has the added benefit of bringing a bit of drama to the look. Candelabra is also a good choice if you’re looking to up the wow factor.

Mix in some sparkle. Bringing in a little shine and twinkle via silver trays and salt and pepper cellars as well as candles will lighten up the look and add to the ambiance. As an added bonus, your glassware will reflect and amplify the light.

TSG Tip 333 features a table set using elements from the Table Terrain Legends of the Fall Tablescape Kit – Ultra Edition in Neutral. Table Terrain is featured in The Scout Guide Hunt Country.