More Is More Holiday Décor

Regardless of one’s holiday decorating preferences (some people like to celebrate the season on as many surfaces as possible, while others feel a little goes a long way), we can all agree that going all out in a couple of carefully chosen areas can take the festive vibe to the next level. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a festive focal point:

“Start with the strongest element.” In her latest blog post, Richmond-based interior designer Janie Molster recommends skipping the tchotchkes and focusing on the main event—the tree. “Take advantage of the opportunity for drama and bring home the tallest tree that your ceilings can handle,” she writes. “I love trees that are dripping with home-grown ornaments and somewhat of a mismatched jumble. If the focal point is the tree, then the key is excess. Don’t hold back.”

Deck a fixture with wintry boughs. “I love the idea of turning an interior space into a winter wonderland for the holidays,” says Northern New Jersey-based interior designer Michael Aiduss. One of his favorite tricks is to turn a chandelier into a burst of white branches, which creates a wonderfully dramatic effect. See photos of the chandelier—and read Michael’s steps for creating one of your own!—here.

Take a more-is-more approach to your mantel. As we discussed in TSG Tip 79, a holiday mantel can be a masterpiece. Consider this to be the place to “go big,” adding layers of books, fresh items, and shiny objects until it’s brimming with holiday cheer. Continue to switch it up and add to it into the New Year.

Create a festive grouping. Stockings hung by the chimney with care is always a good look, but four Fortuny stockings on a stunning black case piece is perfection. We also love putting colored glass globe ornaments in a clear vessel—the bigger the better!

Featured space by Jan Roden.