Meet the Member Interview - Zerorez®

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When Zerorez comes to your house or place of business, you can feel confident knowing that what they set out to clean, will be cleaned, and then some. But there is so much more to the story of Zerorez®. What drives this devoted business to offer exceptional customer service every customer, every time, and who are the people behind those clean smelling, footprint free surfaces? We’re thrilled for you to get to know Zerorez® and Tammy Tonn, Senior Regional Marketing Manager, in our next Meet the Member interview. 

Beyond the friendly faces who save your area rug after taking a beating from the puppy, is a team who has a purpose, a cause, and a passion. And alongside those motivations, are core values that will not only make you want to hire them, but you’ll want them to hire you! “Team is family, we work hard and play hard, our growth is for good, we have a commitment to WOW, and we live deliberately,” Tammy shares. “The best part of my job is the people I work for and with.” 

Using products that are safe for people, pets, and the planet is extremely important to Zerorez® and for Tammy, that approach extends naturally into her personal life. She loves the outdoors and so she embraces all that the vast Minnesota landscape has to offer. Read on to learn about some of her favorite activities, including unique home decor treasures she enjoys searching for, and why you just might want to join her on her day off.    

Tell us the story of how your business was started – include the mission statement, when it was started, and the inspiration behind it.

Zerorez® started serving the Twin Cities Metro Area in 2006 and was founded on the principle that cleaning carpet and other living surfaces with harsh soaps, shampoos and other toxic chemicals was not only harmful to the environment and indoor air quality, but got dirtier faster. Shampoo did what it does best, attract dirt, and there was no professional or DIY method that could fully extract the dirt and detergents from the carpet.

We also felt the carpet and air duct cleaning industry lacked exceptional customer service. From the rock stars that answer the phone to the team at your doorstep, we all share the same passion to make our customers happy. Our guarantee is much more than a service warranty; it is our commitment to WOW customers.

Purpose: “To become the most trusted provider in our industry.”

Cause: “To be the most influential provider in the industry.”

Passion: “Deliver awesome… every customer, every time.”

What services or products do you offer?

We clean carpet, tile and grout, upholstery, area rugs, air ducts and more for both residential and commercial properties.

What sets your business apart from your competition?

Traditional carpet cleaners use soaps and harsh chemicals that leave a sticky residue, attracting dirt over time. Our technology cleans with Zr™ Water – a powerful cleaner that is non-toxic and completely safe for people, pets, and the planet. Not only does our process leave carpet and other living surfaces cleaner, longer – it also dries faster.

Zerorez® received the highest Platinum Rating from the Carpet and Rug Institute and holds a 4.9 Google Rating with over 18,000 local Minnesota reviews. All our services come with our legendary Gotta Love It Guarantee.

Does your business give back to the community? If so, what nonprofits are you involved in?

We have supported and contributed to our community in many ways throughout the years. One of the most popular ways the community reaches out to us is to support their silent auctions and fundraisers. Zerorez® donates the “gift of clean” with gift cards good towards any cleaning service or product we offer. We have the same schools, pet rescues, churches, health organizations, etc. reach out to us every year – it’s become such a popular item to help reach their fundraising goals (who doesn’t want a clean home?)

Who is your ideal client?

Anyone who rents or owns their home and desires a clean, healthy living environment. We have an especially large customer base with pets. We love pets!

We also provide a substantial amount of cleaning services to commercial clients such as property managers, assisted living facilities, schools, churches, banquet facilities, golf courses, and more.

What is your favorite part of working with Zerorez®? 

I have been here  since January 2010 and have worn many hats through the years, but one of the best parts of my job is the people I work for and with. We all embrace the same core values:

1)      Team is Family

2)      Work Hard, Have Fun

3)      Growth for Good

4)      Commitment to WOW!

5)      Live Deliberately

We strive to provide an environment for our team to grow personally and professionally and the growth I have witnessed through the years gives me the ultimate in thankfulness and satisfaction.

Why did you choose to have your business in Minneapolis/St.Paul?

The Minneapolis/St. Paul area did not have a business who offered a cleaning process similar to ours (no  use of harsh soaps, shampoos or detergents.) Our proprietary Zr Process™ which includes Zr™ Water, is a powerful, non-toxic cleaning agent that is heated, alkalinized, and ionized. This water is specially designed to rinse dirt, oils, and grime from your carpet without leaving behind any residue. This was a concept that quickly resonated with the Twin Cities; they could clean safely and effectively provide a healthier home or business.

Besides your own hard work, who would you thank for the success of your business?

We have so many people and businesses to thank for our continued success. Reflecting on when we started, what really helped our brand become a household name, were our Twin Cities radio partners. A huge shout out to them for the years of promoting and supporting us! The personal endorsements on the radio for Zerorez® speaks volumes to their listeners, and has given us customers for life!

Now, let’s switch gears! 

You’re entertaining guests from out of town, where are you taking them and why?

I enjoy the outdoors so I gravitate to natural resources. Our beautiful state offers the excitement of so many excursions on the water with our 10,000 lakes and rivers. I also really enjoy the drive from Taylors Falls to Stillwater with so many quaint towns between the two with unique shopping, restaurants, and wineries.

Favorite hotel? 

I always enjoy a stay at the St. Paul Hotel. St. Paul has so much rich history to embrace and I especially love the dining, theater, sports, and music scene that it offers year round.

Where’s your favorite place to dine out for brunch or lunch?

I’ve always enjoyed the Capitol Grille downtown Minneapolis whether it be for happy hour, appetizers before a show, or for a relaxing sit down dinner – the dining experience is always consistently 5 stars.

Where do you like to spend your Happy Hour?

Home on my pontoon.

Which restaurants are perfect for date night?

I love a good Italian restaurant that has carpaccio, a bold Caesar salad, cioppino stew and/or a perfect aged steak. Fresh bread with olive oil and a glass of wine to accompany sounds like the perfect dinner.

Name 2 or 3 of your favorite places to shop in Minneapolis and why you love them so much.

1)      Bachmans! I love shopping for plants, furniture and seasonal items year-round.

2)      Shopping at the Galleria of Edina never disappoints with the variety of stores.

3)      I also love finding a great rock, fossil, and mineral store. I equate it to a treasure hunt for the perfect natural piece to add to my home or office.

What is your favorite outdoor activity in Minneapolis in the summer? Winter?

In the summer I love being outside in my yard landscaping and enjoying water activities on our lake like boating and kayaking. In winter I love shopping in Minneapolis and Edina when the holiday decorations are up and shopping is at its peak.

When you’re not working, when you have the day all to yourself, what would you be doing?

I would not make a plan and just let the day naturally unfold. I always start the day with coffee, playtime with my two Bengal cats, and the view outside, which is full of nature where I live.

What is the best part of living in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

I was born and raised in the Twin Cities and I will always cherish the relationships I have built with the people and businesses. Minnesota is Nice!

Business Name: Zerorez® Carpet + Air Duct Care

Contact: Tamara Tonn

Business Phone Number: 952-937-6739