Be the Holiday Hero of Presents From Martin Patrick 3’s Holiday Gift Guide 2023

An evergreen wreath hangs in the Martin Patrick 3 Alley surrounded by Christmas trees and blue and gold presents.

Attention! There are only 10 days until you and Santa need to have all your sweet little reindeer in a row and deliver the holiday magic. Don’t panic! You still have time to hold your place as the Holiday Hero of Presents! But let’s not sugarcoat it, time is of the essence and convenience should be at the top of your wish list, because right about now it’s going to fill your sentimental heart with a lot of joy. You may very well win the award for Brightest Gift Giving Star on the Christmas tree, actually if you shop Martin Patrick 3’s Holiday Gift Guide 2023 you’re guaranteed a win, but be sure to give their excellent team credit for the assist this season. 

Shop them in person (on your own or by appointment before or after store hours) so you can soak in all the whimsical charm that Minneapolis alone exudes this time of year. Martin Patrick 3 has followed suit and is abundant with holiday spirit. The theme for their highly anticipated yearly window displays is Minnesota Winter Activities, so expect to feel like a kid again when you gaze upon these beautiful windows showcasing skiing, marshmallows roasting over an open fire, ice fishing and more in the way of enchanting festive scenes. In their alley you’ll find a winter village of twinkling Christmas trees, including one impressive 18-footer, for the perfect visit and photo opportunity. Or are you most productive in your pajamas and slippers? They also offer curbside pick up and home delivery! 

If you’ve shopped at Martin Patrick 3 during the holidays or any time of year, you’re nodding your head and saying, “yep” to yourself right now. If you haven’t, something truly wonderful awaits you. Casual apparel, books, apothecary, accessories, contemporary furnishings, artwork, jewelry and watches at The Loupe… but that’s just the tip of Rudolph and friends’ beloved iceberg. 

It might be getting down to the wire when it comes to shopping, baking, wrapping, and so on, but keep moving forward, you’re doing great! Take a deep breath in while you also take in the cozy view and familiar embrace of that Christmas tree smell after a productive shopping trip, or be amazed at how easy it is to shop from home and then enjoy easy curbside service or home delivery. Martin Patrick 3 wants to help you gift unique, unforgettable items to your mother-in-law and let’s be honest, you as well, but they also want to help give you time back in your day to enjoy all the truly important reasons we celebrate. And could be the greatest gift of all.

More about the Martin Patrick 3 experience

We all know that when you look good, you feel good, and that feeling, warmly surrounding yourself with exquisitely designed pieces, and subsequently knowing you’re nailing it, brings out the best in all of us.  You might not always be actively seeking that feeling but when it pops up, you may ask yourself why you don’t regularly pursue it.

Weave it into your existence more frequently with questions to yourself like, “Should I bring more style into my life in the way of a new flair-filled throw pillow? How about competing with the sun by adding a shiny new bracelet or necklace to my collection?” If you answered yes to any or all the above, for guidance look no further than Martin Patrick 3, an internationally recognized boutique in the North Loop of Minneapolis where elevating lifestyles is their business.

This boutique, though, is so much more than just a clothing store-when you step through the doors, be ready for a one-of-a-kind experience. Martin Patrick 3 is a multifaceted business that offers various services including personal shopping, Martin Patrick 3’s Garment Care & Tailoring, Marty’s Barber Shop, and interior design services through Martin Patrick 3 Studio. And what’s more, designers from all over quite often show up with a ‘trunk full’ of their newest wares in the way of a Trunk Show, hosted by Martin Patrick 3; something you don’t see very often in Minnesota.  

Now you know, if you didn’t before, that this one-stop shop isn’t just about shopping, it’s about feeling and diverse styles, a plethora of possibilities, and an unrivaled experience. It’s about service and care, excitement, and novel ideas. Look good, feel good, repeat at Martin Patrick 3.

Discover all the happenings and where to look for trunk shows across the metro here: