"Unveiling Excellence: The Classical Curriculum Mastery at Jackson Hole Classical Academy"

Classical education, rooted in ancient Greek traditions and evolving through various historical periods, focuses on cultivating students to pursue truth, goodness, and beauty which is the foundation of the Jackson Hole Classical Academy and their curriculum. Located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the curriculum addresses fundamental skills in speech, numbers, and art, while emphasizing grammar, logic, and rhetoric for critical thinking. Subjects like mathematics, geometry, music, and astronomy contribute to understanding the natural order of the universe. Art education is integral, providing recreation amid study, with subjects like chess, music, and art enhancing students’ ability to appreciate the beauty of knowledge as a refreshing experience for the spirit.

Creating a classical education involves a curriculum focused on exposing students to primary sources, integrating subjects, and establishing connections between courses. In lower grades, subjects are taught concretely, progressing to abstract reasoning. Literature and grammar emphasize great works, poetry memorization, and using stories to impart lessons on aspiration, failure, virtue, and human nature. Mathematics starts with Singapore math and advances to calculus. Science begins with hands-on nature study and concludes with physics. Latin is introduced early, evolving from songs and stories to translating classical authors. Art covers color theory, recreations of classical art, and progresses to original works. Music starts with nursery rhymes, includes stringed instruments, and reaches college-level music theory. Rhetoric and logic are woven into Lower School courses before becoming dedicated Upper School subjects.

JHCA’s teachers stand out for their exceptional combination of high-level professional qualifications, outstanding teaching skills, and deep Christian faith. Each teacher aligns with the Nicene Creed and upholds Biblical principles of morality. In challenging times, they unite to support one another, their students, and families, prioritizing truth and love over comfort. Teachers make significant personal and professional sacrifices in their dedication to students and the teaching vocation. While rooted in Christian values, JHCA warmly welcomes families of any faith tradition or none. The inclusive Christian perspective extends to all students and families, inviting collaboration in the pursuit of wisdom and virtue for a flourishing and free society.

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Jackson Hole Classical Academy located at 2500 South Park Loop Road
Jackson, WY 83001 can be reached at 307-201-5040. They have been a long standing member of The Scout Guide Jackson Hole and are currently featured in Volume 10.

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