Purple Reign

Beautifully regal and always refined, purple has a way of taking things up a notch without sacrificing sophistication. Whether an elegant aubergine, a soft (and subtle) lavender, or a lovely lilac like the gorgeous chair shown in a project by TSG Memphis, Vol. 1’s Lisa Mallory Design, the color is a classic that never fails to catch the eye while pairing with other hues with ease.

We adore a collage, and the one above by the talented designer and owner of Nashville-based Garden Variety Jeannette Whitson, which we found in her always inspiring Instagram feed, instantly drew us in thanks to the soft tones punctuated by purple flowers. Whitman’s projects and pieces have such great texture, and the way she incorporates natural elements and the occasional pop of color via the perfect plant or paint hue makes her one of our absolute favorites to follow.

New Orleans-based artist Ashley Longshore’s “Audrey with Lily and Mum Flower Bonnet and Hummingbird” and Patricia Peckinpaugh’s Maltese Cross Cuff (left) and tax co earrings with amethyst (right) demonstrate why purple’s association with royalty is well deserved.

Jewel toned glass makes for gorgeous accents. Just imagine how lovely this handblown amethyst vase by Caleb Siemon, available at Houston’s Found, would look as part of a tablescape when it catches the light.

As this space by Atlanta’s Robert Brown shows, purple adds so much richness in decor. The deep blue-toned wall color and eggplant pillows enhance and elevate everything around them.

How dreamy are these lavender Leontine linens in a design by Katie Ridder shown in the designer’s “Look at My Leontine” feature? Thanks to the color, texture, and exquisite embroidery, the bed is truly fit for a queen.

Top: Artist Ruby Palmer’s “Structure with Umbrellas,” from Richmond’s Page Bond Gallery, is punctuated with pops of purple that add wonderful personality to the piece. Above, left: An Instagram image of a monogrammed lavender Leontine Linens towel looking oh so pretty in a powder room. Above, right, Peter Millar’s purple linen sport shirt, available from Houston’s Norton Ditto, is a summer party-ready staple that should be added to any man’s closet.

We are big fans of artist Sally King Benedict, and adore her expressive abstract faces like “New Woman 2014,” which features a combination of lavender, chartreuse, and cobalt that is absolutely beautiful. While this work has been claimed, Charlotte’s Hidell Brooks Gallery has others available with palettes that are just as stunning.

Again proving that purple-toned art is a good investment: Sara Irvin’s “Draw Up,” available from Page Bond Gallery (top) and Eliza Thomas’s Cy Twombly-esque piece (above, left), available at Dallas’s Blue Print (read about the artist and her influences on the Blue Print Blog  here). Above, right, custom upholstery by New Orleans’s Katie Koch Home shows how fresh lavender looks in a bright and beautiful living room.

While purple has been favored for centuries, lighter shades of the color can feel so modern and refreshing. Above, a lavender painting in a soothing, neutral room by Dallas’s Laura Lee Clark helps the space come alive.

Top, purple velvet chairs feel wonderfully opulent in the room by Dallas’s Collins Interiors, one of the parent design companies to Blue Print. Meanwhile, Alexandria, Virginia-based Stuart Nordin Design dresses up a neutral dining area with lavender upholstered chairs (above, left), and Northern New Jersey’s Valerie Grant Interiors’s purple tufted headboard adds color and texture to a swoon-worthy bedroom.

Brides seeking a sophisticated palette simply can’t go wrong with elegant purple shades, as proven by the bouquet by Hunt Country’s Holly Heider Chapple (left) or scene captured by TSG Cleveland photographer Molly Nook (right).

At TSG Chicago editor Meredith Wood-Prince’s daughter’s recent birthday celebration, purple decorations made it clear that it was time to party.

The variety of purple shades that have been featured on the covers of some of our recent guides offer further evidence of our love for the hue. Light or dark, paired with bold colors or neutrals, purple’s timeless appeal just cannot be denied.