How to Style Jewelry Like a Pro

Whether you’re dressing for a special occasion or a run-of-the-mill weekday, jewelry can instantly make you feel more put-together and polished. Which is why having the right pieces on hand—and knowing how to style them—is key. Clara Williams, founder of the Clara Williams Company jewelry line, understands this well; in fact, her beautiful and functional pieces are specifically designed to be hardworking: the signature feature is a magnetic clasp that lets the wearer mix and match the high-end yet versatile pieces to suit every mood or situation. Recently, we sat down with Williams to discuss how to build a well-rounded jewelry wardrobe, innovative ways to layer, and how to play with your pieces to add personality to any ensemble. Here is her expert advice.

Have the essentials on hand

Left: Small orbit centerpiece. Right: Signature Capri Royal Blue Silk Tassel.

For Williams, a well-rounded jewelry collection involves having a variety of pieces that can be combined in different ways and easily embellished with add-ons. The go-to basics that she builds around—and that Clara Williams Company offers in a variety of lengths and styles—are pearls, chains, and leather, which provide a perfect mix of feminine and delicate, shine and substance, and grounding texture. “They serve as a foundation to everything,” she says. Then, start adding. “You can wear pearls with a tassel, a leather necklace with a gold centerpiece, a timeless chain. The fun of having these foundational pieces is you can go in so many directions.”

Fall in love with layering

Left: Aspen Leather Platinum Necklace. Right: Caspian Peridot 6MM Rondelle Necklace.

It will likely come as no surprise that Williams always has on three or four necklaces. However, for some people, layering on pieces can be intimidating. According to Williams, mixing elements (as mentioned above) and letting your personality guide you are part of the equation. Try putting likes with likes, creating contrast, and experimenting with different weights of pieces to achieve the look and feel you’re going for. Of course, length is a key factor as well; Williams suggests pairing a long double-strand or multi-strand necklace with a shorter necklace of any type—something her line makes wonderfully simple, as many short double-strand pieces can be opened up, bracelets can be connected to shorter pieces, strands can be connected together, and an in-between length was recently introduced (you can browse the various options here). Last but not least, look to color to help create cohesion, such as by matching a centerpiece on a short necklace with a colored tassel on a long one.

Remember that there are no rules

Left: Wabash Double Strand Necklace. Right: Classic Pearl Opera Necklace.

The most important thing to keep in mind when accessorizing is that your jewelry should reflect your personal style. And whether you lean more neutral and subtle or bold and statement-making, you can always have fun. Play with your pieces, and you’ll start seeing them in different ways. For example, Williams likes to put a tassel on a short necklace as a simple and dramatic way to dress up a casual outfit. Pairing a single strand of pearls with a multi-strand spinel necklace is another favorite way to add elegance —and an element of the unexpected—to a look. “Don’t be afraid to be out there,” she advises. “Just pay attention to whatever your mood is and let your jewelry be a reflection of your personality.”

Browse the Clara Williams Company jewelry collection here. This article was sponsored by Clara Williams Company.