How To Remove Candle Wax

There’s nothing like candlelight to set the perfect mood for a dinner party or cozy evening in with friends. While dramatically shortened candlesticks at the end of the night can be a sure sign of a good time had by all, the residual wax left on the candelabra can seem daunting for the host. To find out the best way to remove wax from our prized silver pieces, we reached out to the experts at Atlanta’s H.G. Robertson Silver & Gifts for their expert advice; here are their recommendations:

Method 1: Put the candelabra in the freezer overnight. In the morning, after the wax has hardened, you’ll be able to chip it off with your fingers.

Method 2: Use a hair dryer to heat the wax. When the wax starts melting, wipe it off with a soft cotton cloth.

Method 3: If you don’t have a hair dryer handy, pour hot—but not boiling—water onto the wax to melt it off, wiping away any residue with a soft cloth.

Important reminder: Never use a hard instrument to scrape the wax off of your candlesticks! This will scratch your pieces.

TSG Tip 122 from H.G. Robertson Silver & Gifts in Atlanta, GA.