Much like those jeans or high heels in your closet, the blush or lipstick in your makeup bag probably haven’t received much attention in the last year. Still, virtual meetings and meetups provide reason enough to put our best face forward, so we checked in with four Scouted beauty experts to find out about the trends they’re excited about for spring—and tips for incorporating them into our beauty routines. Read on to be inspired to don some rose-tinted lip balm for your next Zoom call or pair a lilac eyeliner with your most stylish face mask.

Try a spring palette that’s bold, fun, and feminine. When thinking of spring beauty trends it seems natural to opt for feminine pastels and fresh options. Katie Cotton, owner of Cotton & Rouge in Greenville, South Carolina, confirms the return of that familiar color palette this year, with the addition of a few cheeky twists. “Pinks and pastels are often really popular at spring time, but this year I feel like we are going to see a shift,” Cotton reports. “Popular makeup palette colors will now include more muted, deep colors like soft greens and teals or vibrant purples.” Cotton is a fan of palettes like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam II and Pat McGrath Divine Rose. Andrea Salazar, owner and makeup artist at Haus of Dreams in Tucson, Arizona, confirms that she is already seeing spring color palettes including lavender hued eyeshadows and berry and peach lip and cheek stains. Interested in trying these new colors out but not sure where to begin? Ali Jackson, owner of Profile Beauty Nook in Edmond, Oklahoma, recommends a very light wash of lilac all over the eye, buffing it out into your brow bone. Ready to go bolder? “If you’re really feeling playful, go for a graphic look with an intense yellow starting in your tear duct and blending it into the inside third of your lid,” Jackson instructs.

Focus on the eyes. Spring’s number one accessory will undoubtedly be the same one we’ve been wearing for the last twelve months—the face mask. So if you haven’t perfected your eye makeup routine by this point, we suggest taking the time to try out some fun new styles. Camille Levi, co-owner of BA Makeup Co. in Meridian, Idaho, suggests trying a zippy pop of color in the inner corner of the eye. “A small amount of pastel pink or lavender eyeshadow is an easy way to bring this whimsical and seasonal trend to life,” Levi says. Jackson also recommends concentrating your focus on playing up your eyes (and eyebrows), and says it’s really only a two-step process: “Get a great volumizing mascara, and whip those brows into shape with brow gel, and you’ll be ready to take on the day.”

Make way for “dolphin skin.” Jackson reports that one of the biggest trends of summer is coming back in a big way for spring. Coined after the sleek, smooth look of a dolphin’s visage, it’s essentially how you’d imagine your face looking after a dip in the water—slick and sun-kissed. “This trend is all about dialed down makeup, and dewy glowing skin,” she says.  Her favorite way to achieve this look is with a with Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue over Becca Cosmetics Ignite Liquefied Light Highlighter. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal, adding only mascara, brow gel, and a neutral lip. 

Adjust for mask wearing. Lip-color enthusiasts rejoice: while masking may make you want to abandon the thought of any beauty products involving the lower two-thirds of your face, there are still ways to add color thoughtfully. If your mask will be on and off throughout the day, Salazar recommends bringing a few makeup wipes and your products along with you for as-needed touchups. Looking for an even more fool-proof way to keep that makeup in place? “After your makeup is complete, set it with a setting spray, remembering to also spray the inside of your mask to prevent color transfer from your face to the fabric,” Salazar says. Still feeling hesitant about staining your favorite mask with a bold lip? Levi suggests taking a softer approach. “We recommend skipping the color and opting for a hydrating lip balm or cream instead.”

Remember that skincare is essential. One piece of advice that beauty experts universally agree on is the importance of skincare. Having healthy and happy skin is the best way to complement any makeup look. Cotton supports the trend of makeup (foundation and concealer) continuing to take a backseat in beauty this spring, confirming that skincare will continue to reign supreme.  “Mascne is a very real thing, and layers of makeup with a mask on top will not help the problem,” she says. “Keep skin makeup to a minimum, or choose lightweight and breathable formulas that help to reduce clogged pores.” Jackson says her favorite option for those looking to replace foundation and concealer is a hydrating tinted moisturizer, which can help you achieve the look of dewy glowing skin we are all seeking.

TSG Tip 388 from Katie Cotton of Cotton & Rouge in Greenville, South Carolina; Andrea Salazar of Haus of Dreams in Tucson, Arizona; Ali Jackson of Profile Beauty Nook in Edmond, Oklahoma; and Camille Levi of BA Makeup Co. in Meridian, Idaho. Cotton & Rouge is featured in The Scout Guide Greenville. Haus of Dreams is featured in The Scout Guide Tucson & Southern Arizona. Profile Beauty Nook is featured in The Scout Guide Edmond. BA Makeup Co. is featured in The Scout Guide Boise