How to Create a Festive Entryway

TSG Tip 238: Holiday Entryway

Decking the entrance hall for the holidays immediately sets a festive tone in a home, creating a welcoming vibe for the guests throughout the season and a lovely atmosphere for the homeowner when they walk through the door. Since it can be easy to go overboard or get overwhelmed when selecting holiday décor for this high-traffic area, we asked TSG Design and Brand Director Erika Jack to share her approach to making an entryway ready for the season. Here are her recommendations.

Carefully consider your color palette. Rather than introducing contrasting tones, Jack plays up her home’s existing Scandinavian color scheme, selecting natural green holiday décor that complements the soft greys and whites. To achieve a festive yet subtle effect, incorporate items that are a similar palette to your current look—whether that means muted neutrals or jewel tones.

Use a mixture of greens. Using a variety of greens (versus all one type) in your décor creates a natural, sophisticated look. For the wreath and garland in her Charlottesville, Virginia, home, Jack chose elements that incorporate short and long needles, different textures, and magnolia leaves for a little southern flair.

Add ribbon or roping for movement. Holiday pieces can feel tight and a bit one-note. Adding roping or ribbon to your greens will make them feel both festive and fluid. Again, when selecting a color, aim for a palette that echoes your everyday décor or opt for classic gold roping for a luxe touch.

TSG Tip 238 from The Scout Guide Design and Brand Director Erika Jack in Charlottesville, Virginia.