Scouted Father's Day Gift Guide

Last Minute Father’s Day Grabs for Houstonians

Promotional image for The Scout Guide Houston featuring a curated Father's Day scouted gift guide with a variety of items including clothing, a portable cooler, grooming products, and outdoor accessories arranged around the event's title.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect gift for Dad, fear not! The Scout Guide Houston has meticulously scouted out a curated selection of exceptional items that are sure to make this Father’s Day one to remember. Even if you find yourself in need of some last-minute assistance, these handpicked gems are here to save the day and ensure that Dad feels truly appreciated. From timeless classics to unique finds, let’s explore the array of treasures that await, making this year’s celebration as special as can be.

Two elegant fragrance bottles, one blue and one clear, are positioned side by side on a sleek surface with a reflective shadow, capturing a stylish essence reminiscent of The Scout Guide's eye for sophistication and design.

Jack Black Blue Mark Eau de Parfum – Found at Bering’s $80

A sparkling infusion of water mint, cilantro and bergamot form the intensely fresh top note. Japanese Juniper and aromatic ginger essence comprise the elegant, lush heart. Patchouli and driftwood provide a clean, yet warm, dry down. 3.4 fl oz.

A rugged portable speaker branded "TURTLEBOX" is placed upright on a textured surface, enduring a dynamic splash of water against a backdrop of an overcast sky, illustrating the product's durability in outdoor conditions as described in The Scout Guide for adventure-ready gear.

Turtlebox Gen 2 Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker – Found at Bering’s $399

Introducing the Gen 2 Turtlebox: loud, portable, waterproof, and rugged. Experience crystal-clear, distortion-free sound at up to 120dB, all in a one-handed carry. Pair two Gen 2 Turtlebox speakers for true left-right stereo sound. With a bomb-proof handle, wider grip, and brick-pattern grill for enhanced strength and audio transmission. Features include illuminated LED controls, USB-C output for phone charging, microphone input, and versatile charging options. Enjoy 25+ hours of music from its 85 watt-hour built-in battery pack, all in a compact 10-pound design. IP67 fully waterproof and dustproof for ultimate durability.

A vibrant blue soft cooler with the YETI brand logo, featuring a black adjustable shoulder strap and handles, against a white background, evoking a sense of adventure and preparedness as promoted by The Scout Guide.

YETI Hopper Flip 18 Cooler “Big Wave” – Found at Bering’s $300

The weekend is young, so pack up your new Hopper Flip 18 and head for the hills. The bigger build suits your larger hauls and longer expeditions. Set out with your lunch while you work for your dinner and have a couple cold ones to kick back with after. The Hopper Flip 18 is durable, leakproof and versatile with the HitchPoint™ Grid for tools and accessories. And like all YETI coolers, it’s equipped with superior insulation to keep the cold for days.

Black cylindrical container with the word "MAVERICK" printed in white on its side next to two metallic golf tees against a white background, infusing with The Scout Guide essence of adventure and discovery.

Maverick Bluetooth 2 Stake Wireless Intelligent Food Thermometer Found at Bering’s – $150

Super capacitor technology means you’ll never need a battery. Super fast USB charging, the user friendly
app and the heat resistant wireless probe makes this Bluetooth thermometer the ultimate BBQ and kitchen
remote digital thermometer.

Olive green Thule backpack with quilted design featuring the brand's logo, embracing the practical outdoor essence associated with The Scout Guide, set against a transparent background.

Thule Compression Cube Set – Found at Bering’s $45

This set of durable, small and medium packing cubes will help maximize packing space and keep you organized.

A clear glass bottle with a dropper, filled with a yellow liquid, labeled "MAVOLOGY CLASSIC MAN Musk & Citrus Beard, Head, and Body Oil," featuring ingredients like Apricot Seed Oil and Avocado Seed Oil against a soft, ruched fabric backdrop, embodying the refined aesthetic of The Scout Guide.

Classic Man: Beard, Bald Head, and Body Oil – Found at Mavology $32

Our Classic Man Beard, Bald Head, and Body Oil is a subtle way to begin the road to self-care for men. Formulated for head to toe moisture while providing targeted nourishment to the skin and hair follicles. Our quick absorbing formula is blended with organic raw fruit and seed oils to provide a gateway to explore the realm of skincare. The so fresh and so clean scent has notes of amber, bergamot, cedar wood, musk, and sandalwood.

Close-up view of a person wearing a red striped shirt with a collar, focused on the details and texture relevant for The Scout Guide.

Copa Polo – Found at Mizzen & Main $108

A stylish man in a blue polka dot shirt and beige pants casually leaning against a rustic wall adorned with lush greenery, exuding an aura of refined sophistication in line with The Scout Guide's lifestyle aesthetic.

Leeward Dress Shirt – Found at Mizzen & Main $138

A man in stylish attire stands confidently with hands in pockets against a backdrop of clear blue sky and rugged terrain, embodying the essence of The Scout Guide's adventurous spirit.

Leeward Short Sleeve – Found at Mizzen & Main $118

White baseball cap with a blue logo on the front and text on the side, presented on a neutral background, embodying a casual style from The Scout Guide's recommended essentials.

Signature Logo Hat – Found at TASC Performance $30

Lightweight, laid-back, and here for a limited time. Our Signature Logo Hats are made for everyday wear and perfect to keep you covered from outdoor workouts to sunny weekends.  Made from 100% cotton, these are lightweight, breathable, and ultra comfortable.  Pick your favorite color and sport one today.

Man standing showcasing beige shorts and white sneakers, with a visible part of a white shirt, a style reminiscent of the attire featured in The Scout Guide.

Weekender Short 2.0 – Found at TASC Performance $74

– Lightweight stretch woven with water resistant finish

– Elastic waist band with draw cord

– Side pockets

– Back zipper pocket

– Approx. 6” inseam

– Relaxed fit

– Machine Washable/Dryer Safe

A man in a striped polo shirt and grey trousers is captured mid-swing with a golf club against a neutral background, embodying the active lifestyle promoted by The Scout Guide.

Motion Pant Tailored Fit – Found at TASC Performance $118

-Tailored Fit: Designed for a slender, more narrow physique.

-Tapered leg provides a sleek, slim fit from thigh to ankle.

-Mid Rise: Sits comfortably just below the belly button.

Two views of a person standing against a white background, one facing forward with a neutral expression and one in profile simulating a running pose, both wearing a black sportive EMS suit with brand logos and white athletic shoes, exemplifying The Scout Guide's emphasis on fitness and preparedness. Text at the bottom reads "EMS ENHANCED iMotion Sessions".

EMS Enhanced Sessions – EMS Enhanced Prices Vary

EMS Enhanced helps improve our customer’s life and contribute to their general health and well-being. With our passionate services, we are dedicated to encouraging a healthy lifestyle, which starts with our team and spreads via our customers.

Collage of four different restaurant interiors, each showcasing a unique style. Top left shows a sunny outdoor seating area with a red umbrella, including a view through the window to a bar with hanging glasses. Top right reveals a spacious dining hall with rustic wooden tables and eclectic chair design under exposed ceiling beams. Bottom left displays a modern, airy space with sleek tables, contrasted by orange chairs under soft white lighting. Bottom right features an elegant bar area with shelves stocked with a variety of bottles, complemented by high stools and an intimate lighting atmosphere. Each setting reflects the diverse dining experiences that could be featured in The Scout Guide.

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