Meet the Member: Lindsay Nussbaum

Guided by the belief that small businesses are the cornerstones of our communities, The Scout Guide Houston connects readers with the entrepreneurs, makers, movers, and shakers that make Houston a vibrant place to live, work, and visit. Our most recent Guide, Volume 6, serves as an introduction to a handful of Houston’s many small business owners. This series, Meet the Members, is both a continuation of that introduction and an opportunity to deepen your connection with these entrepreneurs. Follow along as we chat with Volume 6 and share their stories, inspiration, and motivation. Up next? Lindsay Nussbaum, owner of Lindsay Nussbaum Tutoring and Adolescent Life Coaching Academy

Lindsay’s entrepreneurial venture began under the name “Longhorn Tutoring, LLC” in 2008 while living in New York. Recognizing the need for private tutoring services in the New York area, Lindsay took her classroom-teaching skills into the schools and homes of her students. The business flourished in the Northeast until her Texas roots brought her back to her hometown of Houston. Lindsay Nussbaum underwent a branding transformation after receiving her certification as an adolescent life coach during the 2018-2019 school year; she changed the name of her practice from LRN Tutoring Academy, LLC, a company she started with her brother, Ryan Nussbaum, in 2015, to Lindsay Nussbaum Tutoring and Adolescent Life Coaching Academy. 

Today, Lindsay Nussbaum Tutoring and Adolescent Life Coaching Academy provides an unmatched learning experience to Houston’s youth of all ages and experience levels. Recognizing the importance of learning environments suited to a student’s unique capabilities, Lindsay prioritizes an individualized approach. This, Lindsay believes, will empower a student to fulfill their highest academic potential. Further, Lindsay seeks to create a challenging yet rewarding experience that encourages high expectations for success, offering students the tools and confidence to succeed academically and personally.

The Scout Guide Houston: We know that you were a teacher prior to starting your small business. What inspired you to take the entrepreneurial leap?
Lindsay Nussbaum: Both my parents were entrepreneurs! My Dad is a surgeon who operated a Houston private practice for 45 years, and my Mom was an interior designer. After teaching in the classroom for over a decade, I was ready to push myself to the next level and follow in the footsteps of my entrepreneurial parents.

TSG Houston: What services do you offer?
LN: My tutors and I work with students all over the Greater Houston Area, offering one-on-one and group tutoring sessions to students. We go to great lengths to train our tutors with a coaching methodology that allows them to mentor the student completely. From elementary to university level tutoring, homework helpers to summer programing, specialized tutoring for learning disabilities and life coaching, we seek to be a 24/7, individualized resource.

TSG Houston: What should prospective parents know about your tutoring services?
LN: We offer a unique service catered to each student and combine academic help with life coaching, nurturing the entire student (and parent)!

TSG Houston: Can you elaborate?
LN: I believe in a holistic approach to promote a safe, supportive, and caring environment in which a student can actualize their individualized academic or life plan. This includes extensive, open communication with the family to facilitate a cohesive support system.

TSG Houston: We know you’re in great demand. What is your advice for balancing work and life?
LN: On weekdays I’m often at the office 14-16 hours a day; however, I have a strict no-work policy Fridays through Sundays, as that’s my time to spend with my husband, dogs, extended family and friends. So, in other words, set boundaries for yourself and stick to them.

TSG Houston: Is there a part of your work that is most rewarding?
LN: Absolutely. Seeing the growth and development of my students – and their parents – inspires me every single day.

TSG Houston: What might your clients not know about you that would surprise them?
LN: Before becoming a therapist, teacher and business owner, I was a journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine, working and living in New York City for several years.

TSG Houston: Aside from your time in NYC, how long has Houston been home?
LN: I’m a third generation Houstonian, so my entire life!

TSG Houston: What’s the best part about living in Houston?
LN: The people and the food!

TSG Houston: Do you have a favorite neighborhood?
LN: The Heights.

TSG Houston: One last fun question, what about a go-to restaurant?
LN: It’s a tie between Kata Robata and Brennan’s

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