8 Sunny Spaces

The sun happens to be shining in TSG HQ’s hometown of Charlottesville today, which has us thinking about ways to create a bright spot in our homes year-round. As soon as we stumbled across the above image from Northern New Jersey-based designer Michael Aiduss, we knew we’d found the answer. Warm, cheerful, and always inviting, yellow-gold hues offer a dose of sunshine that’s versatile and sophisticated enough to stand the test of time.

There are a number of bright moments in this space by Houston’s Meg Lonergan: the soft, comfortable, sunny sectional; the floral accents; and, perhaps our favorite, the smiling pup. Yellow seating is a perfect choice for a sunroom, taking an already light-filled area and amping up the warmth.

Another ideal place to incorporate the hue is the kitchen. Exhibit A: A project by Little Rock’s Bear Hill Interiors (left) is practically glowing, while buttery yellow chairs in a dine-in area by Rumson, New Jersey-based Bowerbird Interior Design (right) are simultaneously classic and playful.

Of course Washington, D.C.-based bossy color knows how to put yellow to good use, as proven by their project above. Their design process begins with color and they build from there, layering in an inspiring mix of patterns and beautiful pieces.

The portfolio of Richmond’s Janie Molster Designs is another favorite destination for color inspiration. Here, she beautifully punctuates a luxurious living room done in soothing neutrals with warm yellow artwork and accents, adding interest and drawing the eye up to the soaring ceilings.

Here again, a neutral space is enlivened by the addition of sunny accents, this time in the form of chairs, pillows, and a patterned carpet. The room, done by Minneapolis’s Martha O’Hara Interiors, is composed of various inviting seating areas unified by soft materials and a consistent palette.

Above, Meg Lonergan marries a chair done in a golden fabric with a gilt mirror and florals, creating a cozy and cheerful corner.

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