Golden Rules

Summer is a time to lighten up, and we love to reflect this notion in our attitude, attire, and, of course, our accessories. This time of year, we believe that gold rules; even a small amount of the precious metal is enough to enhance a tan or add a sun-kissed vibe to any summer outfit. From quills and fringe to earth and ocean-inspired items, here are some of our favorite pieces for the season:

1. Black jasper gold medal earring from Nest Fine Gifts in Wilmington 2. Coconut fringe necklace available from Sunroom in Austin 3. Pave ring available from La Linea Bella ! in Charlottesville 4. Gold starfish cuff available from La Linea Bella ! 5. Megalodon shark tooth fossil pendant necklace from Nest Fine Gifts 6. Faceted teardrop bangle from Bishop Boutique in Alexandria, Virginia 7. Gold lace cuff from La Linea Bella 8. Hand-knotted necklace with gold-dipped shark tooth available from eloise in Charlottesville 9. Porcupine quill earrings from Arco Avenue in Jackson, Mississippi.